Friday, 9 November 2018

An Amazing Coincidence!

I feel like just recently I'm always posting about new arrivals and today is no exception, but I must tell you the story behind this latest adoption because it was so funny how it came about.

The doll in question is called Ziya and she is sculpted by the French artist of Youpladolls.  My dear friend Sue in the UK had one of these dolls and I always thought she was lovely, so when Sue mentioned to me that she was thinking of selling her, my ears pricked up.  But it seemed Sue was a little bit undecided because the doll had been a surprise gift from her husband and she wasn't sure if she should sell or not, but the doll wasn't getting any attention.  In the doll hobby we collectors are like "if the dolls not getting attention then maybe it should go to someone who will love it more....bye!"

Anyway, Sue was undecided at that point and I thought that I'd wait until she listed her for sale before mentioning my interest.  I'm such a worrier that I was reluctant to say that I'd like to adopt her in case Sue thought I was after 'mates rates' or something!  So, as I said already, I waited in the hope that as soon as she listed her for sale, I could go for her at the asking price.  Alas, the saying 'he who hesitates is lost' springs to mind because the following day Sue happily tells me that she's sold her Ziya, the doll was snapped up straight away.  Oh well, I thought, it was not to be!

In the meantime, the artist behind the doll had had a stand at L Doll in Lyon, France and the event had just finished so I emailed her to ask if there were any dolls left over, I would be interested in purchasing one.  But within a few hours I'd had a reply to say that there weren't any tan dolls left after the that was that, it obviously wasn't to be!

I decided that I'd just catch up on some emails that I'd been meaning to do for ages.  I started with another lovely dolly friend, Jane in the UK, as I'd owed her a reply for ages.  I started typing out my email, telling Jane all my recent dolly news and about the new arrivals.  Then I told her what I'd been up to and how I'd been trying to buy Ziya and what had happened.  I sent the email and moved on.  

Within minutes an email came winging it's way back to me from Jane.  She'd read about my search and was amazed that she had, that very same day, made a decision to sell her Ziya!!!!  Was I interested in her?  Well, how funny was that! The only reason Jane's doll was not yet up for sale was because she'd not yet got around to taking photos for potential buyers!  So of course I said yes!!!  I would love to adopt her doll and that's exactly what I did!!!

So Ziya arrived a few days ago, she took less than a week to arrive from the UK and she is lovely.  Her name previously was Angeline but I have shortened that to Angel.  Jane sent her wig, eyes, an outfit and shoes!  Such a lovely parcel to open πŸ˜ƒ  The doll is tanned and she is MSD size, in fact she is a smaller MSD at 39cm tall.  She wears a 6.5 inch wig and 10mm eyes.  I've not taken many photos of her yet because I've had a very busy week but you can be sure that I'll be taking more photos very soon.

She was a little pale from living in the UK πŸ˜‰ so I added some blush and some tiny freckles across her nose and cheeks.  They look a lot more prominent in the photos than they do in real life for some reason!  I've not sealed them so they will probably fade or rub off in time.

Here are a few photos of her for now, it was a very blowy day!   I hope you like her!

She has beautifully sculpted hands which you can just see in this photo below....

Well that's all I have for you today but hopefully soon I'll have some more photos.  I will also be posting some vinyl dolls for sale, including Gotz, Zwergnase and others.  I am also going to be selling one of my tiny BJDs, a Lati Yellow Cookie in tan, so if you're interested please watch this space.

Have a great weekend!

Big hugs Sharon in Spain xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2018

November Already?

Oh my goodness, how did we reach  November already?  I was only half way through October, blinked and it was gone!  Well October was a busy month for us as at the beginning of the month my son Brendan came to visit for a week!  It was a lovely week, we had a lot of fun but the time just rushed past and soon he had gone back again to the UK 😒  But whilst he was here we went to the gym together, went out for meals and just generally had a great time!

Of course there was also a small amount of dolly time and I've been doing some sewing for my newest girls, the Little Cosmos Dolls, Bastian and Robin, as well as tiny Annic by Irrealdolls.

I made Sienna (Bastian) a pair of she's wearing them with a Superman tee shirt that I made some years ago for another doll:

I wanted to get Sienna a new faux fur wig, but having looked around on Etsy and Ebay, I decided that I'd make one myself.  The problem is finding just the right sort of faux fur, I really don't like the faux fur that has a high nylon content.  Well as luck would have it, I just happened to be shopping in Lidl and there they were selling brown furry cushions, in just the sort of fabric I was looking for!  So I grabbed one, brought it home and unpicked it.  I then made a pattern and soon Sienna had her wig.  The fur is longer than her existing faux fur wig so I was able to pull pieces at the back into two little pigtails!!!

In the meantime, Annic by Irrealdolls, who is now called Anais, got a nice new outfit.  It was one I bought at the Dolly Day event in Barcelona back in June.  It was intended for my Hana Angel but it was too long on her, so Anais is the lucky recipient....I added the hat and the bag which I made many years ago although I think it would have been better in black...

I thought she looked very old fashioned and even more so in sepia....

Apart from that, little Pip, (Irrealdoll Enyo in Toffee) got changed into something warmer for the autumn....he's the first to get changed, I hope you're impressed 😁 .... let's hope I can get the rest changed before the winter turns into spring again!!!  His lovely striped jumper and hat are by my late and dear friend Maisiedoats, who passed away far too soon, his jeans are by yours truly...well me!!! 

Apart from that, nothing much else to tell you except to say that I have another new girl on her way home as I type!  She is coming from the UK and hopefully she will have arrived in time for my next blog post.  

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

Big hugs Sharon xx