Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Dylan Invites Her Family!

Today Dylan's (Robin) big sister, Bastian arrived from Little Cosmos Dolls in Barcelona.  You'll probably remember that I said she was expected about now and sure enough she landed on my doorstep this afternoon.

I'm smitten!

I've already said how happy I felt to receive Robin having met her sculpture Sandra Locre in Barcelona back in June, and I'm doubly happy with Bastian.

Bastian is 35cm tall with a skinny frame, she was painted by Sandra and arrived with lighter brown eyes which I decided to change.  She now has dark brown glass eyes and she is wearing the untidy wavy dark brown/black wig that Robin tried on last week.  I really like how it looks on her but it is a bit scraggly, I'm going to see how it 'settles' on Bastian but might try some more wigs on her tomorrow.  I would like her to have dark hair because she has a very Asian look and the majority of Asians I believe have naturally dark hair.  I'd like to emphasise that with her hair.  

Just a few photos of her at the moment, I will take more soon.  I made her this dress and bag in anticipation of her arrival and fortunately the fit of the bodice is spot on :)  

Sorry that the photos are a little repetitive!


Bastian hasn't got a name yes, I thought I might keep her as Bastian but not sure yet.  I will give it some thought.

In the meantime, poor Dylan is trying to get out of going back to school!!!  

Oh my goodness, look at that stubborn face!!

No Dylan, a scraped knee is NOT a reason to get out of going to school!!

I'm sure she'll be fine when she gets there!! ;)

Thanks very much for visiting, enjoy the rest of your week :)

Big hugs Sharon xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Dylan & Olivia....Two Redheads!

Thank you for all the comments that helped me to decide on which would be Dylan's (Little Cosmos Doll Robin) wig.  I have chosen the red one as I think both the colour and the style suit her.  The wispy tendrils of hair around her face give her a sweet and child-like appearance, which I love!

So here she is today in her dungarees by TTYA, enjoying a bit of early evening shade.

I'm really delighted with this little sweetie!

Also this week I made a simple summer dress for another doll, but the bodice was too tight.  The benefit of having many different dolls is that I was able to give it to another one of my little cuties, my Olivia Kish who is slimmer than the doll it was intended for.  The cute fabric was a gift from my lovely friend Sue in the UK.  I've got quite a bit left over so will probably make another dress from the same fabric for Dylan or maybe for Bastian when she arrives :)

Well that's me done for the night, I've had too many late nights and early mornings recently.....time for bed!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Big hugs Sharon xxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A New Kid on the Block!

Robin from Little Cosmos Dolls arrived yesterday amid much excitement!  I ordered her back in April and have been waiting patiently for her to come home!

You may remember that I met the artist behind Little Cosmos Dolls, Sandra Locre, back in June at the Dolly Day 2018 in Barcelona, the post about that event can be found  here
and having met her and seen her dolls in real life, I was really keen to receive my doll....so much so that I ordered another of her sculpts from her on my return home!

As you all know, I love pouty faced BJDs, particularly sullen looking dolls, so Robin's face particularly appealed to me when I saw her up for pre-order back in the spring, so jumped at the chance to get her.

Sandra Locre describes Robin: "Robin has an aspect between sulking and sad, but don't be fooled, it is a tactic to get what she wants."  I guess Sandra knows, seeing as she was 'born' of Sandra's artistic talents.  You know there is something particularly lovely about receiving a doll that is created by the hands of a person you've met and like!

Robin is 29cm tall, all resin ball jointed doll.  She has size 14mm eyes and wears a size 6/7 inch stretch wig or 7/8 inch non stretch wig.  Below are some photos of her trying on wigs that I have in my wig box.  I think she looks cute in all the wigs I tried on her but what do you think?  Which is your favourite?

So here she is!  

Well that's just a small selection of wigs that I liked on her, it's so hard to choose but am leaning towards one in particular but you'll have to wait and see what one that is!  Will your preference be the same as mine? 

In the meantime, I think I need to make some new outfits for her too.  She is slightly taller than the rest of my girls in this category so the dresses look 'oddly' short on her, but no probs, I will enjoy sewing something just for her!

By the way, that's her 'nightie' that she's crept outside in.....I guess she thought that wearing it with her boots made it into a daytime outfit!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed meeting Robin....who may end up being called Dylan as I sold another Dylan to get her!  I do like those boyish names for girls!

Have a great week ahead!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Happy Birthday Narsha

My first ball jointed doll, Narsha by Dollmore in South Korea, reaches 12 years old this month so I thought I'd share a few photos of her that I've taken over the years.  I hope those of you who've followed me for a while won't be bored with me using some old photos!  

Narsha arrived here in September 2006 and she was my biggest dolly purchase at that time.  I could hardly believe that I'd spent so much money on a doll!!  And neither could my dear husband when he saw the amount come up on the bank account! LOL  Not that he was annoyed with me, bless him, he was just concerned to see this big dollar payment for a company in S.Korea, show up on the bank statement!

So Narsha arrived pale and beautiful, wearing a little white outfit, a very pale blond wavy wig and big blue eyes.  She had long spiky eyelashes and I thought she was just perfect.  Even though I'd not been sewing for long, I started making clothes for her straight away.  A lot of them were a little bit 'hit and miss' but I kept sewing as I just loved this doll so much.  I remember that she used to sit on the back of the sofa in the evenings when I was relaxing and at night I sat her on my bedside cabinet, it was just lovely to see her last thing at night and then first thing in the morning again!

Here are some of my first photos of her:

Wearing a Betsy McCall outfit:

With her 'friend' Bitty Bethany Kish:

My first attempts with photos of her in grey scale:

Narsha the Flower Girl:

However, very quickly Narsha started to yellow.  I'd read about French resin yellowing with UV light so I was really careful with her, always bringing her straight back inside after photos or if I was sewing for her outside and needed her for a model, I was always careful to cover her with a big black cloth.  What I'd not read though, was that French resin would yellow not just with UV light but with heat too.....so as a result Narsha did not remain this pinky white for long!

There were a lot of 'firsts' that Narsha and I shared.  She was the first doll that I actually took outside to photograph in public...and you can see how rushed those photos were as I tried to take the photos as quickly as possible to avoid being seen 'playing' with a doll....

She was also the first BJD that I tried to knit for.....poor girl!  This photo taken in Nerja show her wearing a terribly 'out of scale' roll neck jumper that I knitted for her.  She looks like she has a doughnut around her neck!!!!

Narsha was also the first doll that I took on holiday with me.  She traveled on the airplane with me to visit my family in England and I 'bravely' (read 'quickly') took photos of her looking out of the plane window on our journey....

She was even there with me when we adopted our first donkey at the local sanctuary....

As Narsha changed colour so my collection of BJDs grew and she took a bit of a back seat when I got my first MSD, but she's always been there in the background....and she interacted very well with my newer BJDs.....

Once Narsha reached a creamy yellow colour and her faceup got a few rubs from all the handling I gave her, I decided that she needed a new faceup and attempted to give her one myself.  I believe this was the first faceup that I ever did...and it was quite dreadful but I was quite happy with her at the time!!  

But eventually I decided to send her off for a professional faceup and thankfully she went to the US to visit Raven, who gave her a wonderful new look!  I must admit that at first, having got used to her looking a certain way, I struggled to 'bond' with her again, but after a few weeks I just loved the new look Narsha....

Finally here are a couple of photos taken a few days ago to celebrate her 12th birthday!

Narsha may not be perfect, she is quite different in colour to when she arrived and she is only single jointed but I still think she's a beautiful doll and hope you've enjoyed seeing photos of her to celebrate her 'birthday'!!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you're all enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Big hugs, Sharon xx


Friday, 31 August 2018

Especially for Kazz!

This post is especially for Kazz, a reader of my blog who requested photos of one of my Little Darlings some weeks ago and I never saw the request until today.

My profuse apologies for the delay in responding.

I used to receive emails when someone posted on my blog so would always know when a comment was made on the latest post or on older posts too, but I no longer get those.  Does anyone know how I can get those notification emails again?

Anyway, without further ado, here are some photos of my tanned Little Darling who is handpainted by Lana, posted especially for Kazz in the UK who requested close ups of her face.  Because she's such a cutie, I've added some full length shots too ;)   I hope they're not too late Kazz and hope also that you don't mind me using older photos that you may have already seen here on my blog.

Sorry that there are so many photos of the same doll, but hopefully this will help Kazz with her decision making :) 

I just noticed that in all the photos she's wearing blue and white, which suits her perfectly and just so happens to be my favourite colour combination :)