Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!!!

An ever so slightly late Happy New Year to all my readers, thank you so much for staying with me this year, I hope you'll carry on visiting throughout 2019.

I will start to list quite a few of my dolls for sale this month, all being well, as I'm going to be having a BIG clear out!!!  There will be Sashas, Gregors, Gotz, Natterers, Zwergnases as well as Little Darlings, to name but a few, who will be looking for new homes.  I will list them here and probably on Ebay too, with the auction links also listed here.  I'm going to be really ruthless as there will be big changes happening this year and I need the dosh!!!

Dollies aside, yesterday, New Years Day, myself and some friends, started the New Year with a swim in the chilly Mediterranean!  The weather has continued to be beautiful and sunny through the festive period and so what better way to start the new month and year, than a group of Irish, British and Dutch friends to go for a swim!! 

The photos are not great but hope you'll enjoy seeing us nutty people having fun!  There weren't enough crazy wigs to go around so I sprayed my hair with blue dye....fortunately it washed out afterwards with shampoo!!!  I'm the one with the full body surf suit....I'm not taking any chances with jelly fish....and that's my excuse!!! πŸ˜‰


I don't know why I have my mouth open like that below, the water wasn't that cold!!!!

Swimming in the lead here, but it didn't friends are so much stronger swimmers than me!!!

I will probably do a 'summing up' of my year in my next post as I enjoy looking back at what I've been up to and what dolls have come and gone, but as my family have been visiting from the UK, I've not really had time over the Christmas period.

I hope you all have a great 2019 and wish you good health and happiness!  Thank you once again for your support during 2018.

Big hugs and lots of love
Sharon xxx

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.....

Wishing all my readers and followers a wonderful Christmas, or if you prefer Happy Holidays  😊  I hope that Santa has been kind to you!

Here is Angel, my Youpladolls Ziya, wishing you the compliments of the season!

Thank you for visiting, enjoy the rest of your week!!

Big hugs Sharon x

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Oriental Garden....Photo heavy!

Today was another beautiful sunny day so we decided to go to the Oriental Garden which is located in Alhaurin de la Torre, Malaga.  Although we've driven past many times, we'd never been inside so today we did just that.  

Unfortunately we chose a day when they were cleaning out a lot of their water features but this didn't deter us, we still had a pleasant time walking around and looking at the plants, quite a few of which, I believe, are native to Japan.

Of course I had to take one of my dolls with us so that I could get some doll photos too, so I brought along Sienna, my Bastian in Saffron skin by Little Cosmos Dolls.  I hope you'll enjoy the photos and seeing this pretty and tranquil little space here in Malaga, southern Spain.

 One of several bright red bridges that pass over the water feature...

There are loads of fish in their ponds and also a sign saying not to feed the turtles but we didn't see any, so maybe they're hibernating at this time of year.

Planting up the Poinsettias for Christmas...

Lots of bright red berries...

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed seeing this attractive and peaceful Oriental park.

Big hugs, Sharon xxx

Monday, 26 November 2018

Hope by Kaye Wiggs...

Today I thought I'd make a dress for Hope, my limited edition MSD sized girl from Kaye Wiggs.  It occurred to me that Hope had been here for some time but I'd not sewn anything for her in ages....I checked and was surprised to find that she's actually been in my collection for almost 6 and a half years, having arrived here in July 2012! 

If you don't know the history of Hope by the Australian artist Kaye Wiggs, then let me tell you a little bit about her.  Hope was sculpted in September 2011 in order to raise money for "3 Angels Nepal".  "3 Angels Nepal"  is a charity who help rescue young girls who were sold into prostitution and slavery, by setting up manned booths at the border to stop the rickshaws etc before they could take the girls out of Nepal.  They also rescue young boys who are sold for body parts.  The sale of Hope raised approximately $90,000 for the charity and some of the money was also used to buy land for growing vegetables etc for the orphanage where they housed the rescued girls.  The charity was also able to purchase a water truck and water pumping facilities so that they can now supply water to surrounding villages.  This brings them an income so they can continue their rescue work as well as help meet the expenses of the orphanage.

So Hope, in her new dress, got some time in front of the camera.  I hope you like this small selection of the photos.  The weather was a bright and sunny 23C but was a bit blowy later in the day....and once the sun had started to dip in the sky, so it became quite chilly.  But the photos didn't come out too badly, Hope never fell over or out of the tree and the sunshine through the leaves of the tree did make some nice dappled shadows on her :) 

I'm sorry the photos are a bit 'samey' but hope you enjoyed seeing Hope again.  Tomorrow I hope to start on a new outfit for her sister, Layla, my other doll sculpted by Kaye. 

Doll: Hope in Sunkissed resin sculpted by Kaye Wiggs
Faceup: Hope's faceup is by me.
Outfit: sewn by me.
Wig: Monique Gold restyled by me.

Thank you for visiting, have a great week!

Big hugs Sharon in Spain xxx

Monday, 19 November 2018


Angel received a new camera in the mail.  She fancies herself as a bit of a photographer!  Now she wants a nice strap to hold the camera back to the sewing machine!

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Rainy Day, Dolly Play...

This morning we woke to rain and as the day went on, so the rain got heavier, to the point that we needed our lights on in the middle of the day!  It doesn't rain that often here in southern Spain but when it does, my goodness does it rain!

I'd planned on taking some outside photos but with the awful weather that wasn't to be, so I decided to set up my indoor 'studio' lights and the second backdrop that I received a couple of months ago from Ebay.  You may remember I posted about the first of the two backdrops here:  


So the second backdrop arrived and was more similar to the first one than I remembered but that wasn't a problem as they are very cheap.  It needed ironing as, like the first one to arrive, it had been folded down to fit into a smallish envelope.  I used my iron on a cooler setting as the backdrops are sort of plasticised fabric, and I didn't want to burn it.  This one is not as good as the first one though as it has paint/printing missing on the creases, but I guess for the cheap price, what could I really expect! 

I have been changing some of my ball jointed dolls into warmer clothing, so thought I'd use the backdrop to take some photos of the girls in their winter wear.  I attached the backdrop to the wall with poster tack and then, as suggested by Sandi of Xanadu Dolls blog I used the ironing board as the 'table' for the dolls to stand on, and I set up the two photographic lights on their tripod stands.

First to have her photo taken was my Fairyland Mini Fee tanned Chloe, with her German Shepherd dog.....I think there is too much light in this photo but when I turned off the lights, so there were shadows created which made the backdrop look very artificial.  The backdrop has sunrays coming from the top left hand corner as you can see.  This is supposed to represent sunshine coming through the trees.  I believe it looks too artificial and unnatural....(any suggestions gratefully received!!!)

Next up we have Dylan, my Little Cosmos Dolls Robin, wearing a different wig.  I'm not sure it's 'her' but will keep it on for a while.  I think I'll probably go back to the red plaited wig in the end!

Riley Mai, (Ppinkydolls Malisa) hasn't had any camera time in ages, so I took a few photos of her too.  I changed her eyes from brown to these two toned, blue/green eyes.   I'm actually thinking of changing her body from her original resin one to a hard plastic Pure Neemo watch this space! 

This poor girl hasn't had a change of clothes in probably a couple of years!!!  So I think that'll be my job for the next few days, find her another outfit that suits (and fits!) her!

Next up we have tiny little Marley, (Tanned Meng version 4 by Secretdoll) who I had been thinking of selling as I couldn't 'bond' with her.  I decided to change her wig and eyes and as soon as I saw her in this wig so I realised just how cute she is, she just hadn't found her 'style'!!!.....she will be staying!!!

Finally we have Gala (Adori in Milky tan by Harucasting).  Gala has had several changes of clothing over the summer but I kept forgetting to photograph her.  But now she is in her winter outfit looking all cosy and warm!

I think what I've learned this photo session is that the studio lights are great for eliminating the shadows behind the dolls but I've come across other challenges.  The dolls look a little bit pale and washed out and the colours do not 'pop' like outside photos do for me.  Also, the tripods on the lights are not really tall enough for the dolls when they are standing on the ironing board, I need to take it all a little lower.  So here we have two studio lights, one on either side of the dolls, and an overhead spotlight bulb in the ceiling.  I didn't use the flash in any of these photos, so it really is purely the studio lights. I think I need to find a way of defusing them!  

Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my little girls today.  I will change some more soon and take more photos....hopefully the weather will be dry and I can go back to taking them outside.

Have a great week ahead!

Big hugs Sharon xx