Saturday, January 20, 2018

A new outfit for Alice...

Alice is my little Kidz n Cats girl who arrived, and I customised, just before Christmas.  I really don't see her as 'Alice' so I'm currently trying to think of a new name for her. 

In the meantime, she got a nice new outfit a couple of days ago and so insisted that she wanted to have her photos taken and show it off on my blog! 

So here she is, my sweet little girl with her big brown eyes, sharing an outfit that I bought from a seamstress in the UK:

Sorry there are so many photos of her, I just like her sweet face so much that I couldn't choose which photos to use!!!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you're all having a great weekend :)

Hugs Sharon xx

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Zwergnase Junior Miriam....

This young lady arrived today and I'm really impressed with her!  She is Zwergnase Junior Miriam but she is the bigger size of 55cm (the regular Juniors are 50cm) and has a very similar body to the smaller girls.  I've noticed one difference though, she has a better neck joint in that the join is actually up the top of the neck rather than at the bottom, this means that she looks better in lower can't see the join!

I love her pouty face, and like all Zwergnase dolls, her expression seems to change with just the slightest tilt of her head!  It's uncanny really!

Her name will be Jo as she reminds me of a friend of mine called Joanne.

I took a few photos of her in a new dress I made for her arrival.  Because I was working to just photos there are a few things I will change about my pattern.  I saw this photo:

And thought I'd try to recreate it for Miriam.  I would make the patterned part narrower next time and definitely try making the pockets lower, although I'm not sure how that will work as I still want the same dress length.  But all in all I'm pleased with how the dress came out!

Jo wanted to show you her collection of things found on the beach, she particularly likes the pieces of glass that have been washed smooth by the sea!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

Hugs Sharon x

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Past Commissions....a little bit of reminiscing!

Seeing Kendal of Kendal's Sasha Brood posting old photos of her dolls and their outfits, got me thinking about old photos.  That of course led me to looking at my photos of outfits that I'd made over the years either for my own dolls or for commissions.  I thought I would share some of the photos on here and hope you enjoy seeing them.  I'm sure I've probably posted some of these photos in the past, so I apologise to those who may have already seen them, but hope you enjoy them again :)  Also, sorry for the quality of the photos, these were taken years ago with my old camera and not edited in any way!!

I know I've posted this one before, but this was one of my most unusual requests, a straightjacket for a tiny 11cm tall bjd.  The buyer sent me this photo for reference:

I was really happy with how 'authentic' it looked when I'd finished and the buyer was very pleased!

The same person also wanted little Victorian style suits for two of her boys, this time they were YOSD size, so approx 27cm dolls.  I was sent these photos for reference.....

One suit was to be black and the other brown....firstly the black one, front and back....

And then the brown, again front and back....

Another person asked for a Sora 'cos-play' outfit.  Well I didn't have a clue who or what Sora was so she sent me two images for reference:

This is the resulting outfit, including the wig which I made from a scrap of faux fur....the doll is 20cm tall....

Another person asked me if I would make a Dracula costume for her tiny 16cm tall Lati Yellow.  She sent me a drawing that she'd done herself and I worked from that:

And here is my cute Lati Yellow Miel trying it for size.....

I got several requests for tiny sleepsuits for the 11cm tall Orient Dolls who were very popular back then....

And this one for the same person who commissioned the straightjacket....I think there's a theme going on in his collection!!

Some cute boys clothes for the 16cm tall Lati Yellows...

A lady in the Netherlands asked for linen 'safari suits' including hats, for her 16cm Lati Yellow and the even tinier 11cm Lati White!!!  A challenge in such a tiny size, but my biggest problem was fabric!  I didn't know where to purchase a natural looking linen that would be soft enough to work in this size.....then I discovered a table napkin, which worked perfectly!

The same Dutch buyer asked for a Peter Pan outfit, this time for the very thin and tiny, 16cm Elfdoll Monnaemi Sister....I even had to make the boots for this one too!  Mango, our parrot, came was very helpful in this commission, he supplied the feather for the cap!

A friend of mine in Denmark sent me a design that she'd put together on paper and wanted me to recreate it in fabrics.  Her design.....

Fortunately she supplied the fabrics and I did the rest.....

I've always had lots of commissions for jeans of all sizes, the smallest I made were for the 11cm tall doll and the tallest were for dolls of about 60cm. I prided myself on getting the very best fit and all had working pockets although the very tiny ones only had working pockets on the back!!  One lady requested some denim shorts with lots of working pockets for her 16cm Lati Yellow.....she sent me this photo of what she'd like:

So I made these....not exactly the same, but as near as possible!

The next commission asked for a Japanese style school uniform/sailor dress for the very cute but little Pocket Fairy who was just 14cm was a challenge putting pleats in the dress, but she was happy with what I made for her....looking back now (and this was quite a lot of years ago) I would have made the bow smaller!

How about a little Superman?  Commissioned by a lady in the US for her tiny 11cm Orient Doll.....

The next customer ordered a 'kitty' hoodie in MSD size.  I had forgotten I'd made this one!!

The same person ordered quite a lot of separates for her dolls, including the below items:

This lady commissioned me to make her a Little Lord Fontleroy suit for her tiny 11cm Orient Doll.....such a little cutie!

A Sasha friend asked me to make her a 'Pusheen hoodie' in the Sasha size....I admit I hadn't a clue what a Pusheen was, so she sent me a picture:

 Here's how it turned out....

One customer set me quite a challenge when he asked for an outfit in a size that I totally did not have.  He wasn't fazed by the fact that I would be working with a completely different doll model to that which the outfit was for......he sent me his designs:

And also a comparison photo of a doll like mine (shown left) and the doll the outfit was to be made for!!!  I must admit I sweated a bit over this one, I was so anxious to get the sizing just right but it was a lot harder working on a different size doll!!!

Here's how it came out.....don't forget my doll is smaller than the doll that the outfit is intended for!!!

And the good news?  It fit his doll perfectly!!!

The above is just a small selection of commissions that I've made over the years but thought you might enjoy seeing some of them.  I must admit I liked going through my old photos, seeing what I'd forgotten making in some cases, and how I'd do things differently in some cases!  I used to work a lot from just photos and dolls measurements, it could sometimes prove quite stressful!  It took me years before I actually decided that I'd no longer make jeans for a specific doll unless I had that particular doll myself.....but customers would still take the chance!  Fortunately I never had any complaints!!!

Finally just a couple of outfits that I made for Ebay, which much to my shock were involved in a 'bidding war', and sold in the region of $500 each!!!!


Thank you for stopping by and strolling down Memory Lane with me....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Big hugs Sharon x