Sunday, 3 February 2019

First sewing of 2019...

Today I finally got to doing a bit of sewing for my dolls, having spent the first month of the year doing all sorts of other things apart from dressing my dolls.  

So I thought I'd make a knit dress, with hat and socks for Dylan, my Robin by Little Cosmos Dolls.  I chose this blue knit fabric which is printed with little fox heads because I think blue looks lovely with her tan skin tone.  The fabric is actually from a pair of pyjama trousers which I bought from our local Lidl late last year.  The striped fabric is from a baby onesie and fortunately matches the printed fabric perfectly.

In other news, I've sold 4 dolls in the last few weeks but still have a way to go....and am still dragging my feet.  My son is coming over for a visit from Wednesday but when he has left again, I promise that I'll pull my finger out and get dolls listed on Ebay, there can be no more umming and ahhing, it has to be done 😟

Although I've not sewn for her in ages, I thought I'd share a couple of photos of one of my favourite Sasha girls, brunette Stella from 1969-70.  She has falling hair so I've never washed or brushed it, but there's plenty there so she's doing fine.  Here she is in a dress by A Passion for Sasha, which I'm ashamed to say she's been wearing since the day she got it....which must be since the spring of 2016!!!!!  Ooops!!  (Socks by  me, shoes by Noreen Walters).

Apart from that I've nothing much else to tell you for now, except to say thank you for continuing to visit and comment on my blog!

I hope you all have a great week and that the weather is not too bad where you are!  

Big hugs, Sharon xxx