Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!!!

An ever so slightly late Happy New Year to all my readers, thank you so much for staying with me this year, I hope you'll carry on visiting throughout 2019.

I will start to list quite a few of my dolls for sale this month, all being well, as I'm going to be having a BIG clear out!!!  There will be Sashas, Gregors, Gotz, Natterers, Zwergnases as well as Little Darlings, to name but a few, who will be looking for new homes.  I will list them here and probably on Ebay too, with the auction links also listed here.  I'm going to be really ruthless as there will be big changes happening this year and I need the dosh!!!

Dollies aside, yesterday, New Years Day, myself and some friends, started the New Year with a swim in the chilly Mediterranean!  The weather has continued to be beautiful and sunny through the festive period and so what better way to start the new month and year, than a group of Irish, British and Dutch friends to go for a swim!! 

The photos are not great but hope you'll enjoy seeing us nutty people having fun!  There weren't enough crazy wigs to go around so I sprayed my hair with blue dye....fortunately it washed out afterwards with shampoo!!!  I'm the one with the full body surf suit....I'm not taking any chances with jelly fish....and that's my excuse!!! 😉


I don't know why I have my mouth open like that below, the water wasn't that cold!!!!

Swimming in the lead here, but it didn't friends are so much stronger swimmers than me!!!

I will probably do a 'summing up' of my year in my next post as I enjoy looking back at what I've been up to and what dolls have come and gone, but as my family have been visiting from the UK, I've not really had time over the Christmas period.

I hope you all have a great 2019 and wish you good health and happiness!  Thank you once again for your support during 2018.

Big hugs and lots of love
Sharon xxx