Tuesday, 22 May 2012

FIsh Spa....

Yesterday my hubby and I went for a drive to Torremolinos which is approx 40 minutes by car along the coast from our place here in Benajarafe.  I wanted to visit the art supplies shop there because I'm looking for a particular carving tool.  No such luck with the tool so I bought a couple of red shades of soft chalk pastels....I didn't like to walk out empty handed! (Any excuse!)

However, what I did find elsewhere were an abundance of 'Fish Spas'....4 of them within about 200 metres or so of each other!  For those who don't know what a Fish Spa is, it is a place where they have these tanks set up, filled with tiny little fish....you put your clean feet into the tanks and the fish frantically nibble at your toes, apparently eating any dead or dry skin as well as being 'good for the circulation' or so they advertise.

I decided with the encouragement of my husband to have a go.  It was relatively cheap at 10 euros for 15 minutes and after I'd paid my money and had my feet washed by the nice lady proprietor, I tentatively dipped my feet into the tank.  I needn't have been apprehensive because it was lovely!  The little fish instantly surrounded my feet and started doing whatever it is they do.  It felt quite amazing, like lots of tiny electric shocks, but it was really really relaxing, I could have stayed there all day!

As it was the 15 minutes went really quickly and I soon had my Birkenstocks back on and was on my way, but I certainly enjoyed it and my feet felt lovely afterwards.

I would definitely recommend this 'treatment' to anyone who fancied having a go.  And the great thing was, not one single dead fishy floating on the top of the water!  Must be my feet aren't so bad after all!


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