Saturday 30 June 2012

I even wrote a photostory!

Today I even wrote a little short photostory for my Kaye Wiggs light tan Layla....virtually unheard of for me, but she aleady has me wrapped around her little resin finger!!!

This morning Layla got up late, well she's had a busy week and it is Saturday after all.....I thought she seemed to have something on her mind though...

After breakfast and shower, I asked her what made her look so worried...

"It's about the Colorado fires" she said, "I'm worried about the brown bears......"

"Well," I told her, "those firefighters are doing their best sweetie. I'm sure if they can rescue those bears, then they will do so...."

"This bear came from Colorado you see...
And I'm worried about his brothers and sisters left behind...."

"I'm sure your family will be ok...."
Layla tells her small brown bear friend Estes.

 "I hope the fires go out soon Mama!"
Oh yes, so do I sweet girl, so do I!

 Layla and Estes

Layla used to live in the mountains of Colorado before coming to live here in Spain.....and Estes was already living here, waiting to be reunited with her one day! He was a gift from an old friend and is a brown bear from Estes Park in Colorado.


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