Wednesday 10 October 2012

Very quiet....

It's been incredibly quiet around here on my blog because I've been very busy sewing my outfits for Ebay.  I am on a roll now, so I just want to keep the momentum going!

I finished my latest outfit for the Kaye Wiggs MSD sized girls on Monday, and listed it last night.  I'd spent the afternoon out and about in our town, taking photos of Hope in what I hope are interesting and pretty settings, hopefully showing the doll and outfit to it's best advantage.  Having said that, Hope is such a photogenic doll that she looks great in any outfit or setting!  Here is a link to the listing:

Anyway, here are a few photos of the outfit......

My last outfit went really very well on ebay, I'm still in shock actually!  Thanks to everyone who supported me by bidding!

I have had quite a few enquiries about doing commissions, but unfortunately I would prefer not to take on any extra sewing at this time.  I found that I used to get very stressed out about how long my waiting list was, how many months people were having to wait for their outfit to be made, and worrying that having finished the outfit, it wouldn't be what the person was after.  Luckily the latter didn't happen but it is still very stressful to make an outfit from someone else's idea that they have in their head, just from a description, so for the time being I'll keep my commissions list closed.

I won't rule out taking commissions again in the future, but for now, thanks for all the support!

On dolly comings and goings .... I'm waiting on a lovely little dollie to arrive.....but will keep the details under wraps until she gets here.  She left New York yesterday  so hopefully she'll not be too long in getting here as she is travelling via EMS.  I'm keeping everything crossed that she'll not get caught by customs....

My other dolly news is that Raven of Ravendolls, has finished the faceup on my ex Pirate tanned Lati Yellow Lea...and she will also be on her way home here soon!  She is really cute looking and I'm very happy with what Raven has done to her.  I didn't give her a great deal of instruction, so it's lovely that she is just how I envisaged her!  Here are a couple of photos which belong to Raven, but I'm sure she will not mind me sharing them here:

 She will have brown eyes, but the bigger challenge will be what wig she'll wear.   The wig she was wearing before she left for the Spa, has been 'stolen' by my Kaye Wiggs Tillie, so now I'll be on the hunt for the perfect wig for her!   All wig suggestions gratefully received!!!!


  1. I'm glad your items are selling well on E-bay. The new outfit is very cute. As for wigs for your Lea I went looking at some of my usual wig sites.It's dofficult since I don't know what you want. I bough three wigs myself though and I totally blame you!

    1. Thanks so much Lene!
      I have found one that I like on Lea, which you'll have seen by now, but thank you for looking for me anyway!


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