Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Although I don't show her on here that much, one of my favourites of my 19 inch vinyl dolls is Emily, my Gotz Happy Kidz Emily from 2015.  I really like her and think her sculpt is my favourite of the Happy Kidz, being very innocent and child-like. 

A couple of months back, for some very strange reason I suddenly thought that I'd prefer her with a fringe.  She had lovely hair, but it was in a centre part with no fringe.  Now why this crazy thought came to me I have no idea, and why I decided I would act on that crazy thought, I have even less idea....but I did!  And woah, did I regret it the moment those scissors started cutting into her hair.

Now most of you know I can be a bit 'scissor happy' sometimes but I really was not happy on this occasion.  First of all I cut the hair far too short, but secondly, I could not get the newly cut fringe to lay flat.  I tried wetting her hair with boiling water and then leaving to dry covered by a beanie hat, I tried a wide rubber band around her head, I tried warm curling tongs, I even tried ironing it down with a hot iron over a wet flannel, nothing would work.  Oh it would work for a few hours but as soon as I left her, so the fringe would spring up again and look ridiculous!

Here's how she looked before:

And here's how she looked once I'd got carried away with the scissors:

Poor girl, she really doesn't look at all happy, does she?  And what is that longer bit on the right of the photo!!!  I'm sure it was straight when I cut it!

So yesterday I decided that as I'd already ruined her, I might as well go the full hog.  I carefully removed all her hair and left her with just stubble.  I then went through my wig box.  As you already know, I have a ton of wigs here as I've been collecting them for more than 10 years now, so I was sure that I'd find something to fit her. 

As it happens, I recently bought (yes, I'm still adding to my wig box!) a new Monique Gold wig that I thought would be perfect for her.  It's a Geneva in brown/black, although I have to say it's really much nearer to brown than black and it fits her perfectly.  It was a bit long, reaching down to the back of her knees and the fringe was down over her eyes, so I cut about 10cm off the length of the wig and about 1cm off the fringe.  I'm delighted with her new look.  The stubble on her scalp keeps the wig perfectly in place and I just think she looks so incredibly cute again!

I particularly love the two photos below of her, I used the mosquito net to difuse the direct afternoon sunlight that was coming through our bedroom window....I think she looks incredibly child like here.....and I love the way her face is in part shade.....

So now I have a little brunette, but because I miss my blond Emily, yesterday I purchased a 2016 version from My Doll Best Friend in the UK.  She will be delivered to my son's address and he'll bring her over for me at the end of the month when he comes home.  And if I am ever tempted to give her a fringe again.....please slap those scissors right out of my hands!!!


  1. She looks wonderful, Sharon! I love these smoother wigs. My one complaint about many dolls is the over-thick and way too curly hair. I actually dislike the gair on the later Sashas much more than the tampa eyes. My daughter and her friend called them 'those Dolly Parton dolls' because of the 70s country ssinger hair style. Half the charm of childlikeness (is that a word?!) is thir hair and big eyes and this little one fits that bill.
    Do you send to the US for wigs, or is there somewhere in the EU to buy them?
    I was looking for a nice name for a doll that .... well, she WAS going to be sold on, but looked too forlorn..... and you found it, Geneva is her new name. Thank you!

  2. Well done S! She looks super and very nice as a brunette!
    I must agree with Jen I don't like the 'dolly' like hair either and I can't buy later Sasha dolls for that reason..and don't get me started on the tampa eyes:)

    1. Now come on Queenie@Simplysasha!!!!! That is Miss Hattie at The Sasha Village you are insulting! Tampa eyes are OK if you have personality!

  3. This made me laugh! I could just see you with the scissors cutting then ironing the hair only to return to find it pointing like a hat brim!
    But she does look a cutie in those last two photo's in above post.That wig box of yours in a treasure trove! So many styles , sizes lengths and colours. I have learnt from you the lesson of keep all wigs you buy because you never know who make arrive and need one! My box only contains a few , like a collection waiting to happen!! great post, I'm still smiling while I type! :)xxx

  4. Oh Sharon, I can just imagine you frantically ironing your girl's hair - the things we do for (and to!) our dolls! About the wigs - there is a shop called Ellie's Doll Workshop in Bournemouth which sells and supplies all Monique products. She puts in an order for wigs at least once a month. It is a "real" shop and you need to phone or email to place your order. Debbie :-)

  5. I really like her new look! It suits her very well. :D

  6. The darker hair is lovely and she looks so 'real'!
    Is it in the north of Spain where they wear short fringes or have I just seen kids with scissor happy grannies??

  7. Emily has a gorgeous sculpt. It's nice that you're getting a "replacement" with the same hair, even though this Emily's new wig suits her also. I'd have bought a new Emily too.

  8. She makes a beautiful brunette!

    It shouldn't surprised me anymore, but I'm still always impressed by what a change in look something as simple as a new wig can create in a doll. :)

  9. She's so cute with her brunette hair! And how nice she'll get a blonde twin.
    It was very brave of you to iron her hair. I would have been way too scared it might all melt and stick together.

  10. Your post made me smile Sharon, I think that's another reason I like BJD's (I can easily change their hair on a whim anytime). Though I must admit I quite like the first photo as much as the last two. :)

  11. It was funny to imagine all your effort to dompt the fringe, lucky you have a wig box. Well now you have a custom doll and a new one on her way.... How the wedding organisation is going?

  12. Thank you for all the lovely comments, I'm sorry that I was unable to answer them all individually, time just ran away with me!