Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Dolly Week!

I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing and I've been neglecting my poor blog again!  I have taken quite a few photos recently but just forgot to share them on here, although some have gone on Flickr.  Apologies to those of you who've already seen them on there, I hope you enjoy seeing them again!

Firstly I made this outfit for the Little Darlings, I made it with a view to selling and showed it to my friend before putting it on Ebay.  Of course then it never got that far because she immediately wanted it!  I'm pleased with how it came out, I love this girl in blue and white, being my favourite colours too!  The socks are pale pink and white stripes because as you know, my dolls are never 'predictable'!

And because I couldn't resist, here are a couple of closeups of my sweet little Rory, who is painted by Lana Dobbs.  It was raining as I took these photos, that fine rain that quickly drenches you, but I thought she looked so real with the raindrops in her hair!

Like most doll collectors, I'm always on the hunt for props for my photos and was pleased to find this umbrella in a shop in Malaga, which is just the perfect size for Mouse, my Dollstown Seola who is approx 45cm tall.  And of course it's perfect for her to protect her pale skin from the sunshine!  I made her some slouch boots using soft leather in two different shades, cream and dark brown....she's very pleased with them and wanted to show them off with her umbrella.  The umbrella, by the way, has a fully working metal mechanism and is actually supposed to be used as a shade for smart phones! 

A 'just because' close up ...

Next we have some photos of Sam, my Elfdoll Hana Angel, who is a tiny 20cm tall.  She came with me to Fuengirola last week and was totally prepared to help me with my lovely breakfast at the Danish restaurant at Los Boliches.  She brought her own tiny silver knife and fork!!

Later she enjoyed a drop of Dandelion and Burdock that Brian, my hubby, bought for himself at the Iceland supermarket.  I had never drunk this before and having tried it, I don't think I will again!!  Tasted a bit like cough mixture to me!!

Whilst in Fuengirola we spotted a little bit of England!!  We aren't sure what it was all about but these structures, which appeared to be all made from metal, were just being put in place on the side of the road.   In the background you can also just see a very attractive model of what we think is supposed to be Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow.  We laughed at the 'telephono' sign!  The box was locked and empty! 

A rather strange looking Lady Liberty....but someone worked hard to make her, she even stands on a plinth like the real one! 

And finally in Fuengirola, the lovely statue on the roundabout, which is not a temporary structure, it's always there.  Spanish roundabouts are generally really attractive, whether because they're covered in lovely well tended flowerbeds, olive trees, fountains or, as in this case, nice statues.   One day I might travel around taking photos of roundabouts to share with you....there are some very pretty ones around here :)

Finally for today, I thought I'd share a photo of the local lake, Lake Viñuela, which despite being very low due to the fact that we've had so little rain over the last few years, is looking very pretty.  This is the actual colour of the lake, I've not enhanced it in any way! 

Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing the photos, and would like to take this opportunity of wishing all my lovely Sasha friends who're attending the Sasha Celebration Weekend in Nottingham, the very best time!  I'll miss you but maybe next year!!! :)

Hugs Sharon x


  1. What lovely photos and your dolls are gorgeous! I love the little umbrella too! Those statues are great especially the Lady Liberty, very modern. When we went to Mallorca I loved to see the people who dressed as statues and stood so still. There are roundabout spotters clubs and I'd love to see your roundabout photos when you take some :)

  2. Hello S! Great pictures as always...I really like your little one with the tiny knife and fork...that is so sweet!!
    Hope all is well with you and your chihuahuas...Cooper sends his love to Kara <3

  3. An umbrella for smart phones, how smart is that? Of course it could easily protect a Sasha or two from the rain.
    I hope Sam didn't eat all of your breakfast! She certainly looks ready.

  4. Wonderful dolls in wonderful clothes and poses! :) I've seen them before but it's always nice to see them again :)
    Love the metal telephono box etc ! look like fun, wonder what they were for?
    I love statues and the one on the roundabout looks nice, it would be nice to see any others when the mood takes. xx

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Well you already know my thoughts on your Little Darling from my comment on Flickr, and the outfit is PERFECT!

    What fabulous pieces of art those metal works are, they must add great interest for people passing by. Yes, by all means take photos of roundabouts if that statue is anything to go by, I always enjoy your scenic photos too.

    I am envious of your weather, it looks so sunny, I wish I was there.

  6. Cute dolls and interesting art. I visited that lake many years ago :-) xx

  7. Hi Sharon!

    The combination of striped and chess fabric with cross-stitch embroidery is very cute :) How did Rory allow you to sell the outfit? :)

    P.S. Are you going to Blythecon in Malaga?

  8. Fantastic photos..I really enjoyed this post! :)