Saturday, March 10, 2018

Some Gotz Girlies......

The weather has continued to be very unsettled here with very heavy rain and then bright sunshine....and then repeated all over again!  But I wanted to take some photos of my Gotz Hannahs and my Happy Kidz for the Gotz Facebook group so I managed to squeeze in some photo time between the rainfall!  I thought I'd share them on here too.....

Here is Hannah Summertime, she is a 2017 girl and comes wearing a flowery cotton dress with short puffed sleeves, as well as a white 'straw' sunhat, pink glittery sandals and heart shaped sunglasses....all very cute but not really that appropriate for heavy rain!  So Hannah immediately changed into this cute and colourful outfit that I bought recently on Ebay Germany, I'm sure you'll agree she looks very sweet and childlike in it, and it's certainly more than adequate for the weather!

I thought that Hannah looked a little pale so added a bit more blush to her chubby cheeks.  It's subtle but definitely makes a difference to her face :)

The rest of the girls wanted to join in, so here are a couple of group shots........

Left to right:  Charlotte (2016), Asian Hannah at the Ballet, Hannah Summertime (2017), Happy Kidz Emily (2016), Happy Kidz Sophie (2012) and Happy Kidz Emily (2015-rewigged):  Charlotte got caught by a sunbeam!!

I'm sorry that I've not got much else for you this week, so I'll just add here some photos that I took on one of my morning walks....hope you enjoy them!

A few signs of spring....

I'm not sure this is really a 'sign of spring' but liked the variegated leaves....

Looking west towards Malaga.....

And east towards Nerja......

And finally, south towards Africa!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and that the weather has improved where you are!
Have a great week ahead!

Big hugs, Sharon x


  1. What a gorgeous outfit you found for Hannah Summertime. I really like clothes that look like the type of clothes real kids would wear and it looks really well made Sharon. :)

    As always, I enjoyed your morning walk photos. The weather here is a little cooler today, but the sun is still shining brightly. :) I managed to gather a few tiny tomatoes from out veggie patch this morning and noticed our sunflowers are drooping . . . probably time to take off the heads and set them aside to dry so we can feed our local cockatoos. :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you Sandi and yes, the outfit is really nicely made, I love how colourful it is....I'm sure it would look great if photographed in snow for example...but in the absence of snow, we have her here in a break in the rain!!!
      Ooooh fresh tomatoes, cannot be beaten. I think I've posted on here about a local farmer who gives me loads of those big salad tomatoes, I can hardly carry them home as they're so heavy! But there is nothing better than fruit and veggies strait from the plants, are there!
      If you ever get a chance to photograph the local cockatoos I would absolutely LOVE to see them!!!

  2. I do love your gotz girls, a lovely mixed group who are always dressed so nicely.The little extra blush on your new Hannah does look better, more healthy looking! lol
    I also love seeing the photos of the coast where you are although it does tend to make me anchor after moving to somewhere on the uk coast, even if it's not as warm!
    Hopefully we are now starting to get some spring weather and we'll soon be forgetting about all the snow and cold we've had here.
    Thanks for sharing
    Dee xx

  3. I love your Gotz girls and of course, I love how you have dressed them. Just so lovely. It is so nice to see the signs of Spring in your beautiful part of the world. Thank you for a lovely post. ๐Ÿ˜Š XXX

  4. Hannah (and her friends) are just too lovely! And her new outfit (and really all of their outfits) are just perfect. :)

  5. Beautiful photos - dolls and sights! Wonderful outfits, lots of color!
    And yay for small signs of Spring! Non over here, so I enjoy the ones you see.
    We got some snow during the weekend and it is still very much winter.