Sunday, 28 April 2013

IMpatience is my middle name!

I wonder if other people can relate to how I'm feeling this afternoon?  I have been looking on and off, mainly 'on', for a brunette Sasha since about November last year.  I'm always that little bit too slow on making my mind up when I see one that I like on Shelly's website, or there is just something about the ones that ARE available, that appeal to me less.  I do look on Ebay also, but everyone quite rightly advises me to try to buy from Shelly because then you know exactly what you're getting...and being a newbie to Sasha, that is something I have to really keep in mind.

Then I did see one on Ebay that I thought was really cute.  I decided to make a bid for her and all through the auction I have been either the only, or highest, bidder.  Because of this I thought she was 'almost' mine......and was even starting to think what colours she'd look good in......then within seconds of the end, her price went well over my budget!  Some other lucky person will be having her come to live with them...but hey, that's life!  Or so I keep telling myself. 

So off I go to Shelly's site goodness, I spend so much time on there that it's a wonder I don't wear it out!  And Shelly has listed some new cuties .... but only a few of the brunettes really appeal and some have 'issues'.  Back to the drawing board.

Of course I have fallen in love with a particular look, which having spoken to Kendal (who is so very kind and knowledgable I have to say!...and patient with all my questions too!!!!....thanks Kendal!!) I understand they are called wider faced girls.  Which naturally, are rarer!!!   Having said that, I have seen others that I like the look of too, but not yet managed to get my hands on!

So if any of you have an older brunette English girl that you'd like to rehome, please give me a shout!!!! She would be very well looked after!!!

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Dolling, Sasha or otherwise!!!


  1. Good luck in your quest! There was a stunner brunette listed today and very quickly snapped up as well, only wish it could have been me!

    I have two brunette girls, they both have 'issues' one has slightly falling hair, but actually isn't a problem at all, and the other has oxidised face paint, but I adore them both.

    1. Thanks Lorraine. I will keep trying! Oh which one was that? I look so often on Shelly's website, that after I while I can't recall which are new and which have been on there a little while.....I wish they had a date on them!! LOL
      I don't mind too many 'issues' to be honest, such as if the hair is lightly falling, but I still want them to be lovely enough that I can dress them and get them to model clothes for me...I wouldn't want to be scared of picking up a doll in case it's hair all fell off! Do you know what I mean? And oxised facepaint isn't a problem either, especially if it's the lips as I really like the 'nude' lips look to be honest!

  2. I really hope you'll find that dream Sasha Sharon. Hugs!

    1. Awww thanks so much Lene! I will email you soon!

  3. I feel your pain, as I, too, have been ambushed on ebay many times:(. Also, I check Shelly's site *all* the time... as you never know *when* she will list *new* dolls. Shelly is uber-reliable... and over 1/2 of my Sasha collection has come directly from her.
    Like you, I wanted that *special* wide faced brunette and I managed to secure one with Shelly only because the first buyer decided not to buy afterall... so it pays to let Shelly know if you are interested in a particular doll that has *sale pending* as it can *sometimes* fall through... you just never know.
    My wide faced girl is very special and even though she was advertised w/falling hair... it seems to have stablized... must be all the classical music I listen to... lol.
    Good luck on you quest and remember... timing is everything! -Anne

    1. LOL, Anne, I'm glad I'm not alone on the constant checking on Shelly's site! I swear she must feel stalked, I spend so much time looking at the 'for sale' pages! I have actually contacted Shelly already but apparently there are so many people looking for something similar that she doesn't email people when what they're looking for comes in, because it wouldn't be fair to it's on a first come first served basis...hence the constant looking! But at least it's fair for everyone, isn't it? I will keep in mind what you said about sales falling through. I know that last night I kept looking and looking at a lovely girl on there, even had my son photoshop her photos for me so that I could get a better view of her. I told myself that I would think on her overnight and decide in the morning. Decision was made for me though as someone else snapped her up! LOL....she who hesitates! But I can't just jump on the first doll I like because I have to be sensible with my dolly budget and I don't want to be disappointed! So I'm still looking.
      And yes, Shelly is great to buy from. 33.333% of my Sasha/Gregor dolls are from her...I only have THREE of them though and two came to me from there! LOL
      I'm glad you got your lovely girl, I would love to see her! Do you have photos of her anywhere? I'm glad her hair has stabilised, that's good to know that that can happen!
      Hugs Sharon x


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