Sunday, 1 June 2014

A new wig for Bailey...

I ordered a new wig for Bailey, my (once) brunette wider faced Sasha from 1971 and it arrived this week.  It's a Monique Gold Roxie, size 8/9 in Nearly Black.  The wig is, as expected, lovely and soft, the fit is perfect over her stubbly head, and the colour is not solid, it has a mix in there of very dark brown with the black.  So far so good.

However, I'm really not sure if it is 'her'!!  I think it makes her look more boyish than the previous wig she was wearing which was actually a Prince Gregor wig!  I wonder really if I'm trying too hard to recreate the girl who came here about this time last year.....I had so wanted this wider faced girl (as Kendal will vouch for!) and then all her hair fell out!!!  And yet so far even a long dark wig hasn't hit the spot with her.  Oh well I will have to see if I can work with this one...I'll leave it on and see if it 'grows' on me!

This is quite a good representation of the colour, taken in natural light:

I might have to 'feather' or trim the fringe a bit:

It does flick out nicely, but is it too much?

 Back doesn't have grey tips, that's just the light catching it.  Bit of a DA going on here I feel!

 Those 'feathers' need taming a bit!

I do think this wig would work well for a boy too!  Perhaps one of my boys will end up with it!


  1. Bailey looks great in this wig! I love the cut and style! I think she has looked great in every wig so I am not much help. She is so very pretty that she will look beautiful no matter what she wears but I am enjoying the posts of Bailey and her different wigs! I look forward to seeing your choices. She is very special :) xx

  2. I love the wig on Baily, like Ginger, I think she looks great in it and the style is fun and trendy looking.

  3. I have the same problem with a girl and she have the same eyes and a wider face. I think it is very difficult to find a perfect wig. But I love short hair - I like this dark wig and the other (prince Gregor) too.

  4. Don't know what happened to my earlier comment, so I will try again!! :) The colour and style of this wig looks great on Bailey but i do understand that being short it could make it feel boyish but I think she still looks girly in it. Maybe you should try her in some jeans and a sweater to see it that actually makes her look like a boy but if she still looks like a she, you'll know it's fine!!
    To be honest, it's a little like a dress, does not matter what anyone else thinks, if your not sure then it's wrong! :)
    big hugs Dee xx

  5. I really LOVE Bailey in this wig! It's just perfect for her. (Wish that my hair flicked out like this.)
    She certainly doesn't look boyish in any shape or form but rather cute and trendily sweet, especially in this delightful little dress.
    I much prefer my Sashas with the shorter hair.
    I'm sure that you'll soon get used to her in it without having to do any 'fiddling' around at all.

  6. She looks great with her short, windswept style. I tried to culyivate this style in my early teens but parents and teachers kept demanding vigorous use of a hairbrush! It would suit a boy too, some styles, like some names, will suit children of either gender.

  7. I am in agreement with many others, I think Bailey looks adorable in this wig - not at all boyish, but carefree and playful. Maybe a tiny little barrette or slide on one side would make it look more girly to you, hmmm?

    I am very fond of little girls with shorter hair, no muss, no fuss!

  8. Thank you all for the nice comments on Bailey and her wig, I'm getting used to her wearing it now....but I have to admit that I can see her going back to her other style at some point in the future as I think she looks younger in the Prince Gregor wig, and I like her younger!

    I'm sorry that this is a generic thank you and not individually, I'm playing catch up after two weeks away from the laptop!

    Big hugs Sharon xxx