Sunday 9 November 2014

Some Chat n Snap purchases.....and gifts :)

When I was at the Chat n Snap, I realised that I'd concentrated more on the 'chat' part than the 'snap' part.....which was fortunate for my wallet, but not so great for my dolls.  Several times I headed in the direction of the stalls that I wanted to look at, only to get sidetracked and end up forgetting where I was headed!!!   But I have to say I don't really have any complaints,  it WAS lovely to meet up with people I've only spoken to on line before! 

So I made very few purchases, but what I did buy I'm very happy with.

Firstly I managed to nab one of Sarah's lovely Vintage Sasha outfits.  I chose this pretty coral dress and shorts sets and decided to team it with some striped socks (instead of the white ones it came with) and brown Ruthsdolls shoes.  I would like the dress with different coloured shoes so will need to invest in a different, more appropriate colour, at some point.  Even though Nuria attended the CnS with me, she still managed to be the first to try this outfit out for size :)

I bought this set from Dolly Doodles, Lindt tried it for size and is happy with the pale pink as she thinks it suits her colouring:

I also bought one of the DD gillets and a beanie hat, both items of clothing are being modelled by Emilio, who looks super in red and they go really well with his grey shorts and 'Granada' tee shirt:

I got some gorgeous pressies too from lovely Sasha friends.  I've not photographed them all yet but did change one of my girls, Millie, my first Sasha, into this lovely 'one off' Ruthsdolls set which was a generous gift from Steve.  Doesn't she look pretty in this!

I will hopefully take more 'gift' photos this week and share them asap :)


  1. Lovely purchases and gift too Sharon! Sarah's outfits are wonderful and I love that rose color on Nuria and your socks are perfection! Always nice to snatch Dolly Doodle outfits. They are so colorful and look great on Lindt and Emilio. Millie is beautiful in the Ruth's dress gifted by the generous Steve! Love the smocking and the dress length too! Well done my friend and thank you for sharing! :) xxx

  2. Well your Sasha children were definitely spoilt! And they all look fantastic by the way :)Hope you managed to get something nice for your chihuahua children while you were in the UK...they must have missed you like crazy!!

  3. Hi Sharon, very pretty outfits!!! I'm so enjoying these posts about your trip :-)! xx

  4. I made that outfit from a Christian Dior shirt, I had planned to sew the Dior label inside but I think I forgot !.....girls all looking lovely xxxxx

  5. Even if you spent sparingly you still got some lovely items. I haven't had time to photograph the things my daughter and I bought (apart from what Miranda changed into at the CnS) and I'm not sure I'll have the time this week either unfortunately.

  6. A lovely post, Sharon. The photos are so clear and the 'kids' look great. I love Emilio's accessories - is it a blacelet or a watch on his wrist? His teeshirt looks great with his DD outfit. You may have bought fewer outfits than you intended to but they are all perfect for their little wearers. (emailing as soon as we can get the darned intrnet to stay on - keeps cutting out today)
    Jenni xxx

  7. Well you certainly managed to get a few great purchases despite all that chatting you were doing! lol It's amazing how we still manage to nab a few good items!

    Love that dress Steve gave you, beautiful colour's and style, he is a fairly generous I would say very but he's still not given me that gorgeous single fringe red Sasha just because it's his favourite!! really!! ;)

    Hugs Dee xxx

  8. Well IMO you did alright when it came to purchasing in spite of all the chatting! Dread to think what you might have come away with if you'd kept silent! Might not have been anything left for us to buy!

    Loving what you did manage to 'snap up' though. All very 'ME' too and they look great on the recipients. Bet they were all thrilled.
    Steve's such a generous and thoughtful guy! A wonderful friend. Bless him!

    Fabulous little toy pets included in the superb photos.

  9. Sharon you did better than me then at the C&S, lol. Love your pictures they are so beautifully posed xxxx

  10. Thank you for all the nice comments on the things I bought at the CnS and those which I received as gifts....I am very happy with my stuff! :)
    These photos were taken in my new 'light box' which Brian bought for me back in October.
    I am relatively happy with how clear they came out, but some are quite dark despite using 4 lamps .... I wonder if I'm doing something wrong!!!!!
    Anyway, thanks again and sorry that I've not replied individually to you all :)


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