Saturday 4 August 2012

A crafty day!

After breakfast in a local bar with our friends and neighbours, Magdalena and Joaquin, and then boring old food shopping, we came home and I got immediately to work cutting out clothing that I am going to make for the Kaye Wiggs girls.  Those girls have really inspired me!!  But my goodness, I find the cutting out of these outfits to be a bit of a chore!  Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to just pop the pieces out of the fabric like stickers from a book!  Now that would save so much time.  Anyway, it took me several hours to cut out all the pieces that I needed and in between that, prepare, cook and eat, a chicken curry, plain rice and naan bread for lunch.

After lunch I thought I might get around to starting the sewing but having sat all those hours cutting out, I decided that tomorrow is another day....I will start the sewing in the morning.

In the meantime, I have sold one of my dolls, one that just a few months ago I really liked, but she was never quite what I ordered so now that I feel the need to sell someone, she has been the one for the chopping block. She will be going to live in Central Europe in about 6 weeks time, all being well. 

Secretdoll have finally released their summer limited edition Persons and with them a new girl, a Person 17 who is deep tan resin and very cute.  Also the Person 21 comes in tan this time round, but I don't really see myself getting another Person, much as I really love tan dolls, I think I have enough trouble with Percy and Kobi, the two Persons that I already have here.....ruling the roost, as they do!!!

Of course all this could change, they don't close the ordering period until the end of September!

Back on the crafty side, I have several Blythes that I really want to make a start on customising but there are currently not enough hours in the day!  Perhaps I should get up earlier?  But 8am seems early enough for me to be honest!  I will just have to stop preparing meals and eating them.....get my girls customised and lose weight at the same time.....!!!  Yeah! Great plan, but not one that is likely to happen in a hurry!!!

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