Friday 1 February 2013

Finding Rheia's style....

Today was a beautiful day here in Sevilla, sunshine all day and gorgeous blue sky.  The temperature was 19c, so I really am hoping that spring is just around the corner!  Although I have to say that it'll take a while for the inside of our house to match the outside in temperature, so I'll not be peeling off the layers just yet.....blimey, I sound like a Spanish onion!!!!

I spent a bit of time trying wigs and eyes on my Mini Fee Rheia.  I don't know which will be 'her' wig and at the moment she is wearing pale lilac eyes but I've not yet photographed them.  I made the lambswool wig myself and dyed it brown with regular hair dye, I do like that colour on her...and it looks nice with all of the eyes I tried.  She just seems to particularly suit the softness of the lambswool wigs.

I love this Fairyland default faceup except for one thing....those black dots at the corners of her mouth.  I don't know why so many faceups have those, I don't think it does a thing for the doll, only make her look like she's been eating liquorice or something!  Anyway, I'm hoping that my next photos won't show these because after taking these, I carefully picked the black off with a needle!!!! 

Here are  some of the photos I took:


  1. How strange having black dots at the corner of the mouths, you are right, it does nothing for her at all!

  2. I think I like her best on the first picture and on number four. I do like her with the pink hat too. The blond wig in picture four looks really lovely but she looks just as good with brown hair. I don't think the blue wig suits her. It makes her eyebrows look wrong somehow.


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