Tuesday, 19 March 2013

1969 Blond Gregor on Ebay

Today I listed Devon, my 1969 blond Gregor on Ebay.  I originally had said that I wanted just two Sashas, a girl and a boy.  Then of course I got carried away and ended up buying a blond girl and before she even arrived from Shelly, I'd bid for and won a blond Gregor on Ebay.  Then I added a brunette boy and my red haired 'waif' girl.  So I decided that I would try to go back to my original plan.....well a little bit anyway....and put Devon up for adoption.  I hope that someone will give him a good home, he's such a lovely boy and in such good condition!!

Here is the listing:


And a few photos of the handsome boy:


  1. Well, he seems to have gone in a flash, Sharon. He is a lovely boy, and will be loved, I am sure! I admire your fortitude! I have far too many Sashas and would like to consolidate, but seem unable to sell them! Need a psychiatrist, I think! Hope the weather is getting better where you are! xxx Karin

  2. I'm in the same boat as Theodora! I love my kids and there are no two the same, but I should consolidate as space is short. Not only is it difficult to part, I had to temporarily store them in a relative's spare bedroom whilst builders were here and he let a heavy smoker move into the room alongside them. Now I dare not sell them in case they make potential buyers ill. I have a poor sense of smell and I'm not quite sure whether they are cured, even all these years later. Makes a great excuse for keeping them all, though!
    I hope Devon is happy in his new home and you don't miss him too much.

  3. Thanks to both of your for your comments! He did indeed sell really quickly, and is off to live 'across the pond' in the US....I hope he'll be very happy and get the attention he deserves!!

    I think if I only had Sasha dolls, I might have more of them because they are so lovely and very addictive, but because I have my BJDs, my Blythes and my Natterers, I just don't have the room to have a big Sasha group too, especially as they take up such a lot of room! I'm going to try to keep to the three of them but I do still 'secretly' hanker after a early-ish brunette girl!!!!