Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yoda....especially for Karin!

I just wanted to show some photos of my little Yoda who's birthday is this Friday.  She is very grey around the muzzle but she will actually only be 5 years old on this coming birthday!

She is a wonderfully cuddly, but grumpy looking, Chihuahua and we've had her since she was just a tiny 7 weeks old.....and she had a very poor start in life, bless her, and the first 12 weeks with us were spent going back and forth to our wonderful vet, Silvia, who cared for her fantastically, even keeping her at her own home for two weekends when she was so worried about the poor little things health.  Yoda had to take antibiotics for 11 weeks and still has a week chest and sometimes suffers with her breathing, she also suffers from asthma and allergies.  She is particularly allergic to the anti rabies jab so our vet won't risk giving it to her again.  Thankfully the changes of catching rabies are very slim here in Spain as it has been all but eradicated, but it is the law all the same that all dogs, cats and ferrets are vaccinated against it! 

And the Daddy Bear's bed was toooo LARGE!

Who put this big high step here?!!  (Having trouble getting over the kitchen door step!)

Hey! Who put me in this bag???

I was only trying to help!

All dressed up and nowhere to go!


  1. Happy Birthday to Yoda!
    Cooper would like some pictures of Kara when you next feature your gorgeous Chihuahuas please Sharon!

    1. I promise to post some photos of Kara for Cooper really soon!

  2. Oh wow! Yoda, you are gorgeous! It is not where (or how) you start, it is clearly where you end up that's important. Wonderful, after such a tricky beginning to land in the lap of comfort and luxury. I suppose you can take her anywhere - she seems terribly petite! I also love the captions, Sharon! Lovely pictures! And to Yoda, a very HAPPY WAGGY WOOFY BIRTHDAY!!! Especially from Sebastian (woof). xxx Karin

    1. Thanks so much Karin! She is small but she's very 'solid'....we say that she looks (and sounds) like one of those little black pot bellied pigs!!! She's ever so cuddly too, and she gets sooo many kisses that it's a wonder we've not worn a bald patch on her head!!
      Thank you for the woofy wishes, I promise to pass them on!!
      Big hugs Sharon xx