Tuesday 13 August 2013

Outfit for Ebay!

With some encouragement from my lovely friends, I decided to make something for Sasha to put up for sale on Ebay.  I have only ever sold clothes for BJDs before although as you all know, I'm constantly sewing for my own girls and boys!  I hope this first outfit will be the first of many!! 

I made a pair of dungaree overalls in this pretty fabric which has a pink background and then large grapefruits on it.  I have lined the bodice and back with pink and white gingham and then decided to add some large working pockets to the front hips, again using the gingham.  I've also done the shoulder straps and front pocket in the gingham too.

I then made a white knit tee shirt to go underneath, but decided to use one of the grapefruits as an 'applique', so that if Sasha decides to wear the tee with anything other than her dungarees, it has a bit of colour and interest to the front!!! 

I hope you like it!!!


  1. What a pretty outfit, it was very clever to put the applique on the t shirt - I love it!
    I wish you success with your Sasha selling.
    Oh and love the wig, the little ringlets frame her face perfectly.

  2. Great dungarees outfit Sharon. Love the detail of the motif on t shirt and the gingham pocket's.
    Do like the sasha to be able to put their hands in the pocket's makes them look more natural.

    Love the wig, nice to see the back view, I'll be putting on of these on my wig list! But will have to decide on which colour to get!

    I'm sure the dungarees will do well, you'd best get started on the next pair!! :)

    Hugs Dee

  3. Lovely pictures! You make me want a Sasha even more!! LOL

  4. Exquiste doll, fab. wig and supper trendy outfit.
    Well done and very good luck with the dungaree sales.
    (Very tempted to get one of these wigs for my girls.)

  5. aaawww Sharon, she looks so cute in this wig! Your outfit is beautiful & I'm sure the recipient will be very happy with it! Good luck:)

  6. You'll have no bother selling it. Your stuff is excellent as always. I really love this outfit and the applique. Nice touch. She's really cute in curls.


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