Saturday, 15 February 2014

A bit of sewing....

I brought some unfinished sewing to the coast with me and today made a start on a couple of items.  I finished an outfit that I'd started a couple of weeks back, and also adapted some patterns that I wasn't particularly happy with. 

Here is little Wren (I recently changed her name from Aspen as it really didn't suit her!), my 1969 Kilt girl modelling it for me.  I really do like the look of this girl, she has such dreamy eyes.  Sorry about her bare feet, she only brought one pair of shoes with her and they didn't go with this outfit!!


  1. Very nice and elegant. Suits her very well!

    And, as you know - I love barefeet, my dolls and I walking without shoes most of the time.
    Wren looks simply relaxed without shoes - and natural, like the colours of her outfit.

  2. I love the colour and patterns of this outfit. Wren looks lovely wearing it.
    Some times it's nice to see the Sasha not wearing shoes, as Anne says it makes them look more natural.

  3. She is lovely, I like the dreamy eyes. I love the colour of this outfit too. And the pictures with sunshine are wonderful:)

  4. Absolutely perfect little outfit for this time of the year. Is it for sale?
    I love the unique look of the Kilt girls although on reflection I don't seem to have one in my collection at the moment (though can't remember selling her on.)

  5. Wren is a pretty name for her! Her outfit looks lovely and cool.... :)

  6. I love this outfit Sharon the colours as well as the patterns and it suits her so well! ...:-) Liss

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments.....I promise to answer in a more timely fashion next time. I am behind in everything at the moment, I spend far too much time looking at photos of dolls on the internet!