Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sock it to 'em Sasha!!

I just added a load of new socks to my Etsy store if anyone is interested.  I've finally got the prices and postage right, I didn't realise that I could actually list in my preferred currency...doh!!!!
Instead, last time I listed it took me ages converting the amounts from pounds into dollars then the postage from euros into dollars!!!!!  Hopefully now, it should all be correct and I won't get any nasty surprises when I go to the post office!!!

Thanks again for all your interest and support!!

Just added a ton of new socks to my Etsy store is anyone would like to take a look! Thank you!

Below are just a few examples of what's available!


  1. Lovely socks Sharon , I have placed my order! and of course now thinking why did I not get that pair and that pair!!! oh these sasha's keeping them in the style to which we are totally unacustomed is hard work and hard on the pocket!!!
    But I'm sure they'll all be gone by nightfall!

    1. LOL, thanks Dee, I got your orders!!!! Your girls will have a lot of new socks!!
      Thanks so much for your support once I need to start on more things!!!!

  2. They are great, Sharon,
    and now here are some girls moaning that the boys got something -and yet t h e y may have some:)
    Overknee are a good idea and alternative to leggings!

    1. Thanks very much Anne! Glad you like them. I know what you mean, my own dolls are moaning that everyone else is getting new things and not them!!!! As if they need anything else!
      I agree on the over the knee socks because sometimes with slim fitting clothes, the leggings are very bulky underneath them. I've made quite a few pairs of long socks for my own girls, ones that come right up to the top of their legs so they are still warm but without the bulk. Of course my girls are all still knickerless!!!!!

  3. This socks and boxers are great, Sharon. I ordered sets by etsy for William and Paul.

  4. Dear Sharon, the boxers and socks arrived today! Love them so much, thank you and Finn says thanks too :) Hugs, Ginger

  5. live & learn I think my Grandpa used to say to me:) So glad you got the etsy thing sorted out Sharon:) I think it's much easier than ebay & them keeping your money etc. The socks & boxer short are awesome -just what the boys need!:)