Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snug as bugs in rugs!

We heard on the local news that there is the possibility of snow here between now and Tuesday....brrrrr.....our houses just aren't designed for that, unfortunately!  Here's a photo from 28th February 2013, the last time it snowed in our town:

Anyway today it's been raining heavily and it's cold but yesterday I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, and dress some of my girls up in their lovely new knits that I got from my dear dolly friends for Christmas, so that they were prepared if the weather does get worse and secondly so that I could share some of my presents on here.  

First up is Destin, my 60's Gotz Slate Eyes blond Sasha wearing a pretty knitted jumper and hat set which was one of my presents from my lovely friend Dee...thank you so much Dee :)  The jumper set is made by Gillian Nash and is teamed here with a pair of stretch ski pants that I made last year....and shoes by Boneka.

Next up are two lovely knitted sets from my dear friend Joyce in the UK.  These were made by Joyce herself for my Little Darlings and are being modelled here by Finn and Reece.  Ellie also has a nice set and will model hers once she comes back home again from the US where she on her way to visit with Dianna Effner for eye surgery.   Don't the girls look sweet and cuddly in their warm winter sets!  Again I've added ski pants that I made up quickly yesterday.  Thank you very much Joyce! 

And a couple of photos of Reece on her own...Reece is my factory painted UFDC doll, Ana, who's eyes I've enhanced using Judikins Diamond Glaze which was recommended by Dianna Effner.

I do have some other nice presents to show but I'm waaaay behind and haven't photographed them yet!  As soon as I do I'll share on here too :)

I hope everyone has a great week and keeps safe and warm!


  1. I love the colours in that first set! All those dark purples and blues are gorgeous.

    And how surreal is that palm laden down with snow! Poor tree!

    1. Isn't it lovely! Gillian Nash is a super knitter, and I really like it on this particular girl....not that the others got a look in really though ;)
      I know, that palm tree does look weird, it's like our lemon trees were all white, it was so strange....never mind the fact that we were worried that the cold would be too much for them, but thankfully they survived!!!
      And so far, it's Monday and no snow :)
      Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Your Destin is beautiful in that gorgeous blue sweater and hat and the white ski pants are perfect! Yeah Dee, Gill and you, Sharon! The Little Darlings girls are so precious and their boggins are just a lovely topping on their sweet little heads! Great post and I hope the snow stayed away from you dear Sharon!!! :) xxx