Wednesday 10 August 2011

Hot Fuzz....

Today was another package day....(I went on a bit of a spending spree recently!) and I received two packages of things I bought on Etsy.  I can rarely get on to Etsy when we are here at home, I have no idea why it is, but the photos won't come up and then it just times when I was down at the coast recently I got on there and got a bit carried away!  Anyway, one of the packages contained a cute heart patterned dress and hair bow by Dolly Molly.  It is very pretty and I think my little Noel (Blythe Nicky Lad) looks really cute in it.....I also tried it on my Mini Riz and thought she looked gorgeous in it too, but it is too small around her bustline but it did give me an idea of how much I need to adjust my Blythe patterns to fit Riz.  I do believe that I actually have this very same pattern, which is really handy!

This afternoon Brendan asked me if I'd like to watch a film with him.  Usually his choice of films and mine don't really match that well, LOL, but he said he was going to watch Hot Fuzz.....I didn't have a clue, basically never heard of it but he said it contained Simon Pegg and Nick Frost who were also in the film Paul, which was the story of a little Alien guy.  Well I enjoyed that one a lot!

So Hot Fuzz it was and I really enjoyed it, it was very funny, every bit as much so as Paul!!  I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of watching it!

Another very hot day, windy too but the wind is like a hairdryer!!

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