Monday 1 August 2011

I feel as if I've not written on here in ages, when it is really only a few days or so....We're still down here at the coast and I've got soooo chilled out, well I'm almost vertical with 'laid-back-ness'!!! I just made that word up, but it suits me perfectly. However, tomorrow we're going home, reluctantly, but the car needs to be serviced tomorrow afternoon for its road-worthiness test later in the week. I expect we'll be back down here again next week though.

So what have I been doing whilst not writing on here? Well I have been swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the beach and generally relaxing. I am brown as a berry from all my time in the sun, and my hair really needs cutting, it is gone very blond and streaky. I know I always said I wanted to be a Beach Bum, but I think the hair is taking it just a bit TOO far!

I finished another book last night on my Kindle, it was called Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich, another glimpse into the crazy life of Stephanie Plum the Bounty Hunter. This afternoon I started on Ms Evanovich's latest in the series, which is called Smokin' is already proving to be up to her usual laugh out loud standard!

Yesterday I made three Lati Yellow sized dresses and today I attempted to knit a Blythe cardigan. That didn't come to anything as by the 4th row I already had gained stitches......I really am soooo knitting challenged, it is so frustrating. Why is it that I can't follow a knitting pattern? What part of my brain cannot function correctly when reading a simple set of knitting instructions? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address! Thank goodness for friends like Maisiedoats who can knit things for me!!!

Yesterday I also took some photos of my Lati Yellows, Puki Fees and Persephone, my Secretdoll Person is a group shot of my Lati family, minus Lati Green Lea who didn't come to the beach with us:

I find it very difficult to photograph groups of dolls....especially small little dolls like these as they tend to not want to sit still for long! LOL ;)

Aside from dolly thingies, I bought a pretty cotton sarong for just 3 euros in the sale....can't beat that for a bargain!

Apart from that, nothing much else to write today, so I shall sign off for now!

Hugs to any dolly friends who take the time to read my ramblings!

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