Monday 22 August 2011

A stroll around Nerja...

Today we drove to Nerja for a stroll and some lunch.  The weather was, as usual, beautifully hot and sunny....perhaps a little too hot for strolling though!  Lunch was a bit of a disappointment though as the service in the restaurant we chose, left a lot to be desired and my pasta was rubbery and tasteless!  And the garlic bread was so hard you could have used it as a brick!!

As usual we visited the British sweet shop and bought some 'pick and mix'.....but most of my favourites weren't available.....white chocolate mice, pink candy shrimps, white chocolate buttons with coloured dots name just a few!  But Brian was happy to find that they had Aniseed balls!! 

I took Heather Sky, my cute little Blythe girl with us and managed to take a few photos of her!  I say 'managed' because I find it a real challenge to take a doll out of my bag and photograph it in full view of passers by.....I feel such an idiot.  I so wish I was one of those people who didn't give a damn about what others think but sadly I'm not.  So to get a few quick photos was great for me!!!  I even had a story all made up in my head about how if anyone asked me what I was doing, so I would tell them that it was for my 'grandaughter' ... luckily  no-one said a word!!!! 

Here are a couple of my 'quick' photos!!

Heather chooses from the Pick and Mix!

Strolling along the Balcon de Europa...even Heather looks a bit 'furtive' in this photo!!!
 This sea breeze does nothing for my hair!

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