Monday 8 August 2011

Yaaay, dolly package day!

Got the boring stuff out of the way first, which had to be food shopping. If there is one thing I hate it is food shopping. What a boring thankless task it is! You enter the supermarket, grab a trolley and off you go...avoiding all the lovely but expensive and fattening things.....add the essentials to the trolley....go back, add a few of the naughty things you go, another aisle, then back to the 'temptation' aisle and put the 'naughties' back......once the trolley is filled with all sorts of boring stuff, you go to the checkout. Load the whole lot on to the conveyor belt....try not to be tempted by the 'special offers' that the girl is so desparate to sell me! (Actually, I have gone from being one of those people that would buy the 'specials' just to shut them up, to actually NOT buying them because of the 'hard sell'....even if I do actually want that 'wonder cleaner' or bunch of bananas!!!!

Anyway, once you've done all the loading on to the belt, so you put it all back in the trolley again, then into bags, then into the car, then out of the car, then in to the fridge/larder/freezer.....and lo and behold, out it all comes again to be prepared and eaten. Then the whole thing starts all over again the following week!

There have got to be better ways of spending our time, wouldn't you say?!!!

After that, things did look up! I got two packages from Thailand. One package was two pairs of the cutest Puki Fee/Lati Yellow sandals.....they also fit my Secretdoll Persons too, which is just as well, as Kobi immediately grabbed a pair for herself and of course had to dirty another dress as she insisted on changing her outfit to match them!

The other package was some 'supplies' that I bought on Etsy on one of the very few occasions that I could access that d*rn site. Six different coloured lengths of small pom pom edging, a packet of multicoloured dolly belt buckles and finally a little pack of tiny tiny buttons! I'm going to have good fun with these, probably making things for my Blythe girls!

I'm happy!!

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