Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blythe Con UK here I come.....

I finally booked my plane tickets for Blythe Con UK this week and I'm really excited!  Because I'm staying with my mum and brother, I'm going for a week so I'll arrive there on the previous Wednesday and not leave again until the following Wednesday, with the BIG EVENT  being on the Saturday!  I'm meeting up with lots of dolly friends who I've previously only met here on the internet and also with my good friend Sue, who doesn't live too far from my mum and whom I've met on a previous trip to the UK back in 2009.  I'm really looking forward to it all!

Of course I'll really be happy to see my family as, by the time I go,  it will be 10 months since I saw my mum and brother which was when they were over here at Christmas last year.  I speak with my mum about twice a week on the telephone but of course there is nothing like meeting in the flesh, is there! 

I have lots of plans that I hope I can carry out whilst I'm there.  I really want to go to Hobby Craft, the big hobby supplies chain, as I really NEED to have a fix!  Then of course I must have Pie and Mash whilst I'm in Romford....can't go to Romford without eating Pie and Mash for lunch!!!!  I also want to go to Holland & Barratt, the health food store as I want to get some Neals Yard Dried Mango.....(yes, I have simple tastes!) as on the very rare occasion that I've found dried mango here (about twice if I remember rightly) it was horrid, as it was chunks of mango coated in thick sugar...YUCK!  Give me the H&B stuff any day!

Other stores that I really must visit: WHSmith (yes, I know that I don't need books now that I have the Kindle, but can't beat browsing through all the magazines, especially the doll/craft/knitting ones that we just don't get here); Boots the Chemist .... just because; Primark of course, as I will look for knit garments that I can unpick to use the fabric for dolly sewing!  Where else?  Well I'm sure BHS, Marks and Spencer and perhaps a trip to Lakeside Shopping Centre which isn't far from my mum either.  Oh and I was thinking perhaps we might go to London for a mooch around, perhaps adding Liberty's, the fabric store, to my list.  Add that to the shoping at Blythe Con and......well, my goodness, that is a LOT of shopping!!!!

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