Sunday 14 July 2013

A Spanish Fiesta...and not a doll in sight!

Last night we went to the Mass and party I mentioned a few posts ago, to celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of the parents of my sons girlfriend.  We've known them for quite a while now as Brendan and Virginia have been together almost 7 years, but it was still a nice surprise to be invited as it was just a small gathering of family and close friends.  So I thought I'd share some photos of the event here for those who might be interested in seeing how the Spanish people celebrate!!

The Mass to renew their wedding vows started at 9.15pm but prior to that we were invited to go to their house so that we could all walk to the church together.  It was HOT, I mean really hot, at 8pm we were cooking in high 30s centigrade, and it didn't cool down much for the whole event.  Thank goodness for hand held fans which are sold in abundance here in Spain!

Virginia's mum, Marie-Carmen, wore a lovely long dark turquoise strapless dress, Virginia wore deep coral and Rocio, Virginia's younger sister, wore pink with light mauve/plum I think it would be called.  Both daugthers wore their hair in an 'up do' with plaits intertwined.  They are both such pretty girls!  Although I appreciate that I'm prejudiced!!!

Brendan looking like he's an extra in Men In Black in those sunglasses!

They had two anniversary cakes, one was actually a 'fake' one to go in the window of their patisserie, and the real one which was four tiers.  The real one was made of light sponge on the inside and decorated with soft meringue!  Very sweet!!  That weird looking brown thing on the second layer is actually a flower.....I thought it was something 'living' when I saw this photo!!

The 'fake' cake, made from polysterene but with real icing and fresh Gerberas.  The little people on top are made by a local lady using craft foam!

As is the tradition here, each of the women were given a little 'keepsake' of the event.  In this case, we all received a cute little metal cup and saucer which contained a candle.  And pushed into each candle were two cookies on sticks.  One was heartshaped and was iced with '25' and the other was decorated with a rice paper photo of Jose and Ma.Carmens wedding back in1988.

The tables were laden with all sorts of food, including large cooked prawns, various Spanish hams, green olives, calamari, anchovies, stuffed red peppers, different breads, pate with pine nuts, and as much drink as anyone could want.  And as each plate was emptied, so it was replaced with another full one.  Oh and cup cakes!  Lots of chocolate cup cakes decorated with flowers, brides and grooms and more meringue!!  All the 'sweet' items were made by Virginia, Brendan, Rocio and Marie Carmen the day before the event.

I seem to have focussed rather a lot on food here, so thought I'd add some photos taken at the Mass, which incidentally was lovely.  Virginia and her sister did the readings and also gave a tribute to their parents, which was really nice and very touching!

And obviously humorous too!

The exchanging of new rings!

And finally, before we all left for the 'party', which is a whole different set of photos, here is a group shot of all the guests outside the church.

I hope I've not bored anyone with my 'fiesta' photos, and hope that you'll enjoy seeing them!  I hope to add a post with photos from the party afterwards, once I get them all edited.  All photos taken by my son Brendan, edited by me!

And finally, "Enhorabuena y felicidades" to Jose and Marie's to the next 25 years!!


  1. That 'flower' is truly weird - looks like some sort of creepy insect...

    Lovely photos though!


    1. I thought the same Penny! I enlarged it and sent the photo to Virginia for 'inspection' but she said "definitely a flower..." Well it put my mind at rest, even if I didn't have a bit of the cake (too sweet for me) because the thought of something that BIG creeping or flying about here gives me the willies!!!!

  2. What a wonderful celebration! It was really nice to 'share' it with you Sharon. And the cup cakes! Ohh! Have they got any spare you could send over to the UK??

    1. Thanks Ronny! Glad you enjoyed it!
      Well I think the cupcakes went down too well on the night, but I have some wedding cake here in the fridge....might not last the journey though!!

  3. Everything was fab, well almost. lol about the flower on the cake. Where's a pic of you? That's a lovely thing to do.

    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it Valli! Yes, that darn weird flower! Freaks me out when I look at it!
      Well I'm on the left hand side of the photo in the very very back, you can just about see the top of my blond hair and the very edge of my pink blouse! You can't see my face, it's too scary!!!

  4. It looks like it was a really wonderful celebration. So glad you had a nice time. :o) Oh and I was wondering about the pictures of you as well.

    1. Thanks so much Lene, it really was very nice!
      I'm very clever when it comes to group shots...I always know just where to stand so that I'll not be seen but no-one can accuse me of not being 'in' the photos!!!!


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