Monday, October 20, 2014

Almost ready for The Off....

Today I got my hand luggage packed for my journey to England on Thursday.  I put each girl's face protector in place and then tried to arrange them comfortably in my small carry on case along with my camera and tablet.  I have to say that it was a bit like trying to fit a quart into a pint pot!!!  But at least their faces are protected even if the rest of them is squished on top of each other!!!!

As you can see, Sian, my Kidz n Cats Grace, is a little concerned that there isn't enough space for her, but despite it looking quite jam packed, there was just enough space to squeeze her in on top of everyone else!!!!  I still have to pack my handbag into the case but just until I get through security at the airport, then it'll come back out again for the flight, whilst this lot will hopefully be safely in the overhead lockers!!!

Let's hope by the time we arrive at my mum's house and I unpack them all, they are still on speaking terms with each other and with me!!!! ;)

Please excuse the poor photo, my proper camera is already packed.  This was taken with my little Canon point and shoot camera which I struggle with as it doesn't have a view finder, so it's a bit grainy!!!


  1. Happy travelling! Do you have a checked in bag as well, or is this all of it? I thought you could take a cabin bag AND a handbag separately but perhaps that is for longer flights? Let's hope they don't squabble in there... I can just imagine the case going through security xray machines and them seeing little arms and legs jabbing at each other - a bit like an ultrasound! LOL...perhaps my imagination is a bit too vivid! Safe journey and have fun.

  2. Sharon Are you coming by spaceship!! Those face protector's look like you have space travel planned. Cannot wait to meet all those grumpy dolls once they get out of the case! You'll have to buy them all a little something at the Chat n Snap to make up for it !
    Looking forward to meeting you , there quite a crowd this year and lots of excitement already!!
    Have a safe trip , see you Saturday
    Hugs Dee xxx

  3. Although I can easily see your three little Darling girls and you mention that Sian, yoir Kidz and Cats girl hassquuzed herself in i can't quite make out who the two Sasha Dolls are that are lying down the two outsides.

    From the looks of things my ONE and ONLY case that has to house my three full 24 hour stay away from home necessities plus my attending Sasha Dolls, might be even smaller than this. Help!

    Safe journeys to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all there, (that is providing that my health allows me to actually travel down in the end.)

    1. As per usual NOT proof read.....yet again! Apologies for the 'squeezed' and lack of capital 'I'

  4. Sharon, we're looking forward to meeting you and your space travellers! I hope Kendal will be well enough for the journey to the CnS. In the meantime, I continue making toys for Sasha & Gregor... (not lots).

  5. Have a good ( and safe) journey...if you have got room in your case please pack Kara the chihuahua for Cooper :)

  6. Have a great time! I hope the girls will be good while you travel :-). I look forward to photographs of your meeting! Big hugs xx

  7. Have a good trip! Looks like it will be a lot of fun... :D

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments, I'm all packed now...this case has been repacked and the Little Darlings are now bubble wrapped for extra safety!
    I really look forward to seeing those of you who are going to the Chat n Snap on Saturday, and my girls are super excited too :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx