Tuesday 14 October 2014

Getting some girls ready for winter....

Yesterday I made a start getting some of my dolls ready for colder weather, and a good thing too as this morning there was a definite nip in the air!  It was still nice in the sunshine but when in the shade, you certainly noticed the difference.  Today is the first time since about April that I've worn socks....and a cardigan and it felt rather 'odd' after all that time!

So the first three to get out of their summer gear were the Monnaemi Sisters, Minxie (Min del Re with custom face up by Ravendolls), Sunny/Song (Bong Sun Hwa with default faceup) and Twig (Min del Re with default faceup).  These small resin ball jointed dolls from Elfdoll in South Korea are skinny little 14cm girls, they're tiny but very cute!  They wear 2-3 inch wigs and have 6mm eyes....a real challenge to change those eyes, I can tell you!

Anyway, here is the line up in front of my sewing machine, to show you just how small they are:

L to R: Minxie, Sunny, Twig

When I first saw Bong Sun Hwa I thought she was really quite ugly and couldn't understand what the attraction to her was, but then I decided to order her for myself back in early 2009 when Elfdoll re-released them....she, along with her sister Twig, travelled to Spain together and I was rather pleasantly surprised when I got her, and she's really grown on me since....I think I can say that I actually like her a little more than her sisters, there is just something so sweet about this tiny Asian girlie! :)

Minxie and Sunny:

Minxie in this funny denim cap I made for her....

Twig keeping her ears warm with this 'large' earflaps hat I crocheted for her!

The three sisters are heading out for a bit of retail therapy! :)

Have fun girls!! :)


  1. So interesting seeing how small these dolls are. I love how you can move these dolls and their outfits are just right for this colder weather.
    I hope you are going to be getting the dolls that are coming to England into warmer weather! If you don't have any sweaters etc they'll be plenty to buy at the Chat n Snap :)
    hugs Dee xxx

  2. Hi Sharon, very cute dolls! I find 10mm eyes tiny and hard to replace, and these dollies have even smaller eyes! They are dressed perfectly for colder weather, one of the advantages of autumn is the cute doll clothing :-).

  3. Three cute little tots, all suitably dressed for the cooler climbs.

  4. I am liking these chihuahua size dolls of yours S!!

  5. I love their tiny size and proportions.... they are especially cute all in a group! Minxie is my favourite, I love her outfit. :D

  6. What adorable dolls! And Sunny has such a unique and expressive face!

  7. How wonderful Sharon! These three girls are lovely with their unique expressions and their new outfits are very special. So well put together from their hats to their great footwear. A great post :) xxx

  8. Thank you all for the nice comments, sorry that I'm not replying individually, I need to get some packing done!!! :)
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

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  10. Hi. I love your dolls. Would you know where I can get bong sun hwa. Elfdoll doesn't seem to be around any more. Thanks rosannr

    1. Hi Rosanne, thank you very much for commenting.
      I got my Bong direct from Elfdoll but it was a few years ago now, but according to some Elfdoll fans on the BJD forum called Den of Angels, Elfdoll have said that they will be back again and at some point may well start making the tiny Monnaemi Sisters again. If you're not a member of Den of Angels, I highly recommend it as a place to start because they also have a marketplace which, once you've been a member for a short period of time, you would be able to access and keep a look out for one on the secondhand market. They do come up on there sometimes.
      I hope that helps and I also hope that one day you will be able to find a Bong Sun Hwa too. :)

  11. Hi. I love your dolls. Would you know where I can get bong sun hwa. Elfdoll doesn't seem to be around any more. Thanks rosannr

  12. Hi. I love your dolls. Would you know where I can get bong sun hwa. Elfdoll doesn't seem to be around any more. Thanks rosannr


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