Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A new look for Tanya...

Today, having finished the cleaning and my packing, I decided to have a little play with one of my dolls who's being left behind....I thought it might cheer her up ;)  Tanya, my Maru & Friends girl, was given a new wig and a change of clothes.  Actually she tried on several wigs and I've not completely decided which will be 'hers' yet, but for now she is happy.

The outfit is called Winter Wonderland and is from Maru & Friends.  I really like it although I think it would have been cuter had it been a little shorter, but it's nicely made and good value for the price.  The set comes with the knitted dress and matching hat which are both winter white with blue snowflakes decorating the bodice/yoke of the dress and the top of the pull on hat,  cabled knee high socks AND the cute faux leather and suede boots with pompoms!  The back of the dress does up with Velcro but that, for me, is the only negative as I appreciate these are really designed for children's play and Velcro is easier for kids to work with. 

You can now see the wig she is currently wearing.  It is an old Monique Gold Ginger and of course, I've cut it to within an inch of it's life! ;)  I really like her in this bobbed style though, except that there are a lot of flyaways and stray hairs.  But I do love how child-like it is on her.

I think it'd look great with a sweet little hair clip at the front....

I tried the wig below on her, the style is nice but it's a bit synthetic, which I'm not overkeen on.

Below is a very pale blond Monique Gold Jojo.  Again I do like it on her but it's not a favourite.

The last wig I tried is another favourite on her, it's a Monique Gold Jojo and I think the style and colour really suits her as she looks young wearing it, which is what I like about her.  I thought about cutting this one shorter but she's only borrowed it from one of my Gregors, so will leave it alone for now :)  I do think the colour works well with her eyes though.


  1. I think she looks good in the short first wig and also the last one which as you say goes really well with her eyes. I find all this so fascinating! Until I met you I would never have thought about taking off a wig on a doll I purchased and trying to find out that could give her that special perfect unique look!
    I have found myself looking at a couple of kidz n cats dolls and thinking , I could change their wigs and get the look or colour I'm after... oh what a slippery slope you are sending me down....but I do like it :)
    see you in a couple of days!!
    Hugs Dee xxx

  2. Hi Sharon, I agree with Dee, I also like the first and last wig very much. Great outfit too!

  3. Love that last wig - I'm a sucker for the two-colour look.


  4. She looks great in them all. I like the short, whispy look of the Jojo wig, but agree the colour of the last one is best with her eyes.

    I DO think Velcro was a disasterous invention! We all managed to learn to do up buttons, press-studs and zips before it existed, not to mention managing buckling or tying up our shoes. The more convenience and easy-for-kids-to-manage stuff we invent, the more we prolong their infancy. You should try sitting in a school assembly on the first day of term with every boy opening and closing his velcro-fastening shoes! I took to saying, ' Right, everybody undo your shoes and fasten them comfortably NOW! .... and if anybody opens them again before playtime, the shoes will be under my desk ALL THROUGH PLAYTIME!!' Trying to speak over choral velcroing is impossible! I HATE the stuff on small dolls clothing too as it makes the clothing bulky, though the Maru kids are a bit taller and it isn't so noticeable. The white outfit is very pretty, but I prefer the things you make.

    By the way, Sharon, now you've done all your housework, I expect you to fly by and do mine, lol,..... being in hospital is quite relaxing until I think of all that's going on at home and all that won't be going on (floor cleaning for a start!)

    Have a great trip and don't spend your life-savings on Sasha stuff!
    Jenni xx

  5. I love her with the short bob S!! She looks absolutely lovely in that outfit too!

  6. I love the first wig! Though I also like that last one... LOL She really looks great in all of them, honestly! :)

  7. The first and last wigs are my favourites too!

  8. Lovely Sharon! She is so pretty in white! I like the first wig very much and I always like the Jojo wigs. Just beautiful :) xxx

  9. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, sorry I couldn't answer each comment individually, I'm worn out from typing!!!!
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

  10. pierwsza i ostatnia wersja jest nad wyraz dopasowana do Niej
    i idealnie uwydatnia Jej wdzięk i urok - szczerze zazdroszczę!


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