Friday 7 October 2011

Saturday, 1st October 2011...Blythe Con UK London

Today was the day that I'd been looking forward to for ages!  Blythe Con UK!  My ticket had been booked for months and I was really excited to be going and meeting other dolly people!

I met up with my friend Sue (SamsonSue on Flickr) at Barking and we travelled up to the venue together.  It was being held at Baden-Powell House at Queen's Gate,London SW7and the theme was "Let's Have An Adventure!"....well I didn't dress for an adventure but it was an adventure in itself that I got to the event without needing to stop for the loo....which is the norm for me! LOL!  Yes, I have a reputation!

When we got there the place was heaving and Sue and just wandered round in awe looking at all the dolls....I don't think either of us had ever seen so many dolls in one place at one time.  Sue is new to Blythe so I was keen to share with her, what is for me, a relatively new part of the doll hobby.  I think she enjoyed what she saw!

We met so many lovely people!  It was fantastic to be able to put faces to the names of many friends on Flickr, friends from all over Spain, the Netherlands, the US, Italy and of course the UK!  Oh and we even chatted with a lovely girl who had flown in from Dubai, just for the event!  It was great fun. 

And the icing on the cake, as they say, was when both Sue and I won raffle prizes!  I usually cannot win a jacket for a gooseberry but I won a DOLL!!!  Yes, a Middie Blythe Milk & Honey!  And Sue won the cutest little pink haired custom Blythe too!  So now she has her own Blythe......and I believe she has started to shop for her already!  Ooops!

Here is my cute Middie Blythe, I was absolutely amazed to win her!!!

Heather and Noelle can't believe that we're bringing someone new home with us!

And of course Kobi is worried that this new cutie will steal some of her limelight!

The hall showing the stalls around the outside and tables for sitting and chatting, down the middle:

This photo shows just a part of the table which was laden down with lovely raffle prizes.  The pink haired girl in the centre, ended up going home with my friend Sue!  Yes, she won her in the raffle, which was fantastic as she'd been admiring her from the beginning!

More raffle prizes!

The Group Shot!  I have never seen soooo many dolls in one place before, it was amazing....and all of them so different and unique!  My two girls, Noelle and Heather, managed to squeeze on the very end of the lowest step:

Here you can see them more clearly, Noelle is wearing her glasses and Heather is next to her,  taking a sneeky peek towards the camera!

Afterwards, Sue and I went for a lovely meal in a local restaurant where we ate juicy steaks and lovely jacket potatoes!

It really was a fantastic day, one that I'll remember for ages I'm sure!!

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