Friday 7 October 2011

Ahhh back to normality!

I arrived home to Spain on Wednesday evening, from my trip to England , tired, bunged up with a head cold, but happy after spending a week enjoying myself!

I wanted to blog each day whilst I was there but unfortunately I was without an internet connection for the whole week!  I have to say that it is weird not being able to log on to check my emails regularly and on my return found my inbox stuffed with almost 300 emails, mostly dolly related! LOL!  This hobby is such a big part of my life!

So I shall do a little diary below and add some photos as I go along!  I hope it's not too boring!

Wednesday, 28th October

My journey to London City Airport was uneventful.  The plane was not full so I had a spare seat next to me, it was nice to spread out a bit.....I have to say though, those British Airways seats are nice and roomy, so I didn't really need to spread too far.  I mostly read my Kindle during the flight and took a few photos of the scenery below when we were flying over land.  My flight arrived perfectly on time and it was lovely to see my mum waiting there for me in arrivals!  Here are some photos taken from the plane.....

I'm not entirely sure but I *think* this is Lake Vinuela just north of Malaga....such a beautiful colour turquoise!

When leaving Malaga airport the planes usually head out over the coast and the Meditteranean, this is taken just as we flew out over the coast....


England here we come!!!  This of course is the White Cliffs of Dover!  How could it be anywhere else!!

I took several photos of the view over London but they were very hazy, so this one shows the view towards Stratford and the Olympic Stadium in the background, it's the white circular structure shown just left of centre....

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