Friday, 7 October 2011

Southend, just made for you.....

.....from your first cup of tea to your queue for the loo....!  (as sung by Cleo Laine in 1962)

I've no idea if they are the right words, but yes, on Monday, 3rd October, my mum, brother John and I took the train down to Southend on Sea for the day!  It was such a beautiful day with temperatures in the high 20s/low 30s centigrade, so we wanted to make the most of it!  It is not often that they get temps like that in the UK.....especially in October!!

My mum and my brother John on the train to Southend on Sea:

We had our lunch in a restaurant....of course I had to choose Cod because you can't go to the seaside without eating fish and chips, can you?  LOL!

Afterwards we went on the little train to the end of the pier.  Southend pier is famous for being the longest pleasure pier in the world and is 1.33 miles long....stretching out into the Thames Estuary.  Because it was such a beautiful day, we sat on the end and had a nice cup of tea!  What more can a person ask from life, eh?

This is my mum on the little train that goes to the end of the pier....she looks a little startled in this photo, I have no idea why!!

Views back to the shore from the little train:

My mum and my brother John, enjoying the sunshine at the end of the pier:

Some people come to the end of the pier to fish......didn't fancy the chances of this pair (below, not above LOL)  already in a bucket, poor things!

Afterwards we strolled along the promenade and I had, of all things, a pink candy floss! (Cotton candy for my American friends).  But it was too sweet for me and my brother ended up finishing it for me!  I guess we grow out of these things sometimes!  Wish I could say the same for chocolate, which is never too sweet for me!

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