Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bitten again.....

I don't know what it is about me, but I always seem to be getting 'bitten' by something....and no, I don't mean a nasty mosquito or wild dog, but by something 'dolly' related!!!  And this time it is the vinyl Sasha dolls!  I was going to try blaming my friend Sue in the UK, because she recently had a big birthday and received a cute Sasha baby as a pressie!  However, I can't really do that as I've had this bug on and off for a while now.....sometimes it goes away and other times it hangs around, so perhaps it is time to do a bit more research into them as all I've previously done is look at their cute photos on Flickr!

Incidentally, speaking of Sasha and Flickr, I wanted to see photos of Sasha dolls on there, so I did a search using just the word 'sasha' in 'everyone's uploads'......ooops, not a good move!  All I can say is those Russian girls don't wear a lot of clothing, bearing in mind how cold it is there!!!!  But at least next time I'll know that there are more people on Flickr than just dolly people and there are more things tagged 'sasha' than just cute vinyl dolls!!!

So for the last couple of days I've been looking on Ebay, and I have been speaking with a very nice lady who is also a Brit living here in Spain!  In fact she lives not a million miles from our place on the coast so we may meet up for coffee one day, which would be great as I rarely meet other dolly people face to face!  Anyway, she has pointed me in the direction of a few websites and blogs but my goodness there is much to learn.  It sort of reminds me a little of when, back in 2006, I first dipped a toe into the world of BJDs, only more confusing!  She advised me to look for a particular book that tells all there is to know about Sasha's but unfortunately apart from going direct to the author who is in the US, it is only available on Amazon US for about $85.....and then on top of that would be added the customs fee....which I get caught for every time, so I'm going to have to try finding out what I need to know here on the internet...and live in hope that I don't end up buying a 'dud'!!!! 

So if any of my Blogger friends knows anything about Sasha dolls....and anyone would know more than me.....then I'd be really happy for any information you can give me. 

In other news, I have been sewing a commission today for my friend Lene and have finished the second outfit that she's requested.  I still have loads to do though, it is a big list of clothing that she wants for her lovely girls!  Photos of the finished items coming soon.  The weather is still rainy and miserable and starting to feel a lot like winter.....I guess it had to happen at some point but I just like to delay thinking about that particular season for as long as I can!

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