Sunday 25 November 2012

Every dog has it's day.....

......And today was Yoda's turn to be in front of the camera.

Looks like there's a queue at the 'Free Salad Buffet'.....

Yoda, as usual is at the front of the 'queue'...and Choco, our only boy dog, is lining up behind her!

Yoda asks:

"Is this my best side, do you think?"

"Or perhaps this side?"

"Or maybe I just look good from all sides?"


  1. I love them Sharon! Cooper our Chihuahua x pug (Chug) is sitting on my lap whilst I am typing this...he seems very keen on your Yoda!!!

    1. Thanks so much Ronny. I will try to get some of the others soon! But they are so wriggly.
      I will tell Yoda that she has an admirer!!
      Hugs Sharon x

    2. You are not wrong about them being wriggly :) Perhaps I could send Coop over to you for a holiday...or maybe you could send Yoda over here when the weather gets warmer - it is cold and and extremely wet at the moment (:

    3. I could see her walking off down the street with a red and white spotted hankie on a stick, with all her toys inside it, telling us that she's going for a visit with her 'boyfriend'!!!!
      I saw how wet it is on the news, and all the's terrible. If it's not one thing, then it's another.

  2. Yoda, definitely gorgeous from all sides! Delightful pics! Sebastian (woof) sends his love! xxx Karin


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