Sunday, 4 May 2014

Mothers Day or El dia de madre here in Spain....

Today is Mothers Day here in Spain and so I thought I'd take a break from sewing.  My son Brendan bought me some lovely flowers, so I just wanted to share them with my friends.  Aren't they a riot of beautiful colours and they smell delightful!!

Then hubby and son went off to watch football, so I started on another commission, this time a Blythe customisation that I'm doing......I carved and sanded for several hours and I'd say I have another hour or so of sanding left to do.  I only stopped because my arms were aching and it got too hot where I was sitting in the garden!!!  More of that another day!

I hope everyone else is having a lovely Sunday too!


  1. Super bouquet of flowers! Lucky you BUT I thought that Mother's Day was meant to be a day WITH the family and a REST!
    Have a wonderful day though surrounded by your delightful dolls in all their shapes and sizes!

    1. Ah yes, that is usually the case I guess....but it was the last day of the football season for the Estepa team so I was more than happy for them to take themselves off to watch that!!!
      Thanks very much Kendal!!

  2. What a lovely bouquet, hope you had a relaxing day.
    Kendal - I was under the impression that Mothering Sunday was the day when children woke Mums up at an unspeakably early hour and force fed them on cold, weak, sugary tea and burnt toast, followed by Mum hauling herself out of bed to check they haven't set the house on fire and to then clean up the breakfast-n-bed creation mess.... that's how it went down in my house for many years - and yet I miss it dreadfully!

    1. Thanks very much Jenni! It was a lovely day, although not too relaxing!
      LOL, I remember those days very well. I remember setting the tea towel on fire when making toast for my mum.....I quickly threw it out the back door onto the coal bunker....those were the days!!!