Thursday, April 9, 2015

Introducing a new girlie!

A new little girl came to live here in Spain with us, she arrived yesterday and as yet remains unnamed but we have a few ideas up our sleeves, so it won't be long, hopefully, before she tells me her chosen name.

She is a 1969 girl with a short fringe which Shelly said would have been done by the factory, and she came wearing this sweet dress by Molly, but it needs a bit of freshening up...but because I didn't anticipate adopting her whilst we are down here at the coast, I don't have any spare outfits for her to try out, so for now she will wear this pretty dress. 

She has had a wash and I've conditioned her hair.  Unfortunately her hair was quite dry on the ends so I decided to cut it into a bob....I hope you'll agree that it looks really lovely and soft now, so although it was a bit 'scary' making that first cut, I'm happy that I took the plunge!

Oh! Her name just came to me whilst I was typing's Skye!  Sorry for so many photos of her, I couldn't choose, so decided to include them all!!!

Her hair parting is almost 'off centre' .... 

Here she is with Wren, my 1969 Kilt Sasha...another reason I wasn't too concerned about cutting Skye's hair.  They look very similar but different as well, if that makes sense!!  I think Skye's irises are more 'outlined'  and round, whereas Wren's are more oblate,  but I feel that both girls have equally beautiful eye paint.

A semi-profile to show just how nice and thick her hair is...

 A portrait in sepia....

Thank you for stopping by and welcoming Skye! :) 


  1. Skye is really lovely S! No wonder you are excited!! I love what you have done to her hair, it really suits her! I am extremely fond of the 69 dolls one of my favourite years of manufacture.

    1. A bit of trivia I know, but that dress Skye is wearing I bought from Thelma (Molly) years ago now, it ended up on a doll I sent to Shelly.

  2. Love her hair Sharon and what gorgeous eyes she's got, no wonder you had to have her ! :)
    A very pretty name for her too, Skye. I love the older Sasha's their eyes re just so much nicer , I look forward to seeing her
    once you are back home with all your fabric's round you . :)xxx

  3. She's so pretty and so's her name, Sharon!
    The bob suits her well. You know, I think you got a very good feeling for style.

    The two of them is plenty of beauty on a small place :)

  4. Hello Skye! I love your new hair-style. It is very neat and pretty.

    Sharon she looks great and I love her name. The two girls look great together but I specially like sepia photo of Skye on her own. The 69 dolls do have awonderful eyes, surprisingly different from the 68s but just as lovely, to my mind.

    Isn't is interesting that dresses do the rounds, Ronnie? This one is very sweet, rather like the ones I wore in the 60s.

  5. She's lovely. And very photogenic, it seems!

    Her hair cut turned out fabulously as well.

  6. Skye is a perfect name for your new, beautiful girl!!! I really love her hair cut and her eyes are just stunning. She looks wonderful in your sunny photos. Thank you for sharing Skye with us! :) xxx

  7. Ooooooo pretty bobbed girl, love bobs on Sasha girls :) x

  8. The bobbed haired girls are my favourite of all the Sashas and love her off centre part too. Just perfect for MY kind of doll!
    She has beautiful eyes and an attractive mouth.and adore the photos of her head slightly tilted sideways and looking downwards (like in the sepia photo) so showing off all her wonderful details.

    Great name too! A super sister, friend or 'partner-in-crime' for dear Wren.
    (I'm always rather thrilled when I get to know who finally got to buy the dolls from Sashadolluk as visiting her website on a daily basis you kind of get to know the dolls quite well.)

    PS. I'm beginning to think that most Sasha Doll collectors MUST now have something (doll or clothing!) that has belonged to SS with her somewhat eccentric turn-arounds.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    She looks amazing! The more I see of these Sasha dolls, the more intriguing they seem to me. There is something about that face! This particular one is so pretty. How tall are they?
    Enjoy the coast! It got up to 70 degrees here in NY today! There are still some clumps of snow on the ground, if you can believe it, but the sun was heavenly!
    :) Farrah

  10. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments, sorry I'm not answering everyone individually....I need to go foodshopping now! ;)
    I appreciate you all stopping by and commenting on my sweet new girl, I'm very happy with her.
    And what a coincidence that this dress was once Ronny's!!!
    Bighugs Sharon xxx