Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Springtime for the Little Darlings....

My three Little Darlings by Dianna Effner, have been enjoying the spring sunshine.  I thought I'd share some photos of these lovely girlies....

L to R: Ellie, #1 sculpt painted by Dianna Effner and wearing an outfit made by me, Finn, #2 sculpt painted by Pat Green and also wearing an outfit made my me, and Reece, #2 sculpt factory painted UFDC souvenir Ana, wearing a Betsy McCall dress by Robert Tonner:
All wigs cut and style by me :)

My beautiful Ellie with her newly repainted eyes by Dianna Effner:

Sweet little Finn:

Cousins, Ellie and Finn:

Ellie, Finn and Reece:

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these Little Darlings of mine :)


  1. Yes, I so enjoyed seeing your Little Darlings!!! They are wonderful Sharon and I love their outfits! The red nautical outfit with the stripy socks on Reece really caught my eye! I could not remember but I thought one of you girls went back to Dianna for repair. Was it Ellie? All three of these girls are just beautiful. A great post! :) xxx

  2. Such sweet girls. Love them and their outfits. They all look quite different.
    Ellie's eyes are lovely once again and it must be nice to have her back home. Love her dress great fabric and colour plus the red dress with the sailor theme is lovely too!
    Hugs Dee xx

  3. 'Three little maids from Spain are we,
    Filled to the brim with girlish glee......'

    (Slightly altered lyrics from Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado.)

  4. They are so beautiful all three. I think these are my favorit of your non BJD ones. I like the two outfit you made the best. Hugs, Lene

  5. Dear Sharon ... I love all three of them but your brunette looks sweeter than candies :-) Liss xxx

  6. Oh I must remember to show my mum this post! She'll be in LD heaven :) they are so very gorgeous x

  7. I always love seeing your LD's S!! They are gorgeous ...I always wish I could get one :)

  8. So beautiful! I discovered these dolls this year when I came across one on Flickr...they are probably the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. I am in love with little Ellie-she reminds me of my 2 year old! :) Beautiful photos and the outfits are precious. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  9. Thank you for all the lovely comments on the Little Darling girls. Along with my Sashas, these are my favourite dolls.....I just love their faces :)
    Hugs Sharon xxx