Saturday, May 18, 2013


An old and random photo of Narsha's legs and feet.....she is my oldest bjd, having been here now since September 2006.  She's been through many changes over the years, she's had different faceups and different 'personalities', and still I love her!!  Funny but when I think of downsizing and selling dolls, it never ever crosses my mind that she'd leave!!

Silly really, but I just especially like this photo!

And here's the rest of her!


  1. Me too.....although I'm not into the BJDs one bit!

  2. Great photo indeed! The second is pretty good as well. She is a lovely girl - Did you make her outfit?

    1. Thanks very much Lorraine, I really love her and her faceup is by Ravendolls who used to paint Sashas too. She went from Sashas to BJDs but now she isn't painting anyone....sadly, as her work is so nice. :(
      Yes, I made the outfit a couple of years back.