Sunday, 26 May 2013

Oh!!! The indignity!!!

I was getting the girls and Alex ready to go to the coast tomorrow, and because I want to take all five of them, I've had to be a bit sneaky about packing them!  My husband is as good as gold but I don't think I can really get away with saying that I need them all as models for my sewing when basically they all have the same body!!!  So I've packed them like sardines in a shopping bag!!!  Of course the girls were not amused and were worried that their faces might get rubbed!

But then I had a good idea!!!  I would protect their faces with the big face protectors that I'd bought for my Blythes!  And I had just the right amount of them that everyone has one!

So although the girls aren't overly impressed with their new face wear, Alex is delighted and thinks he's going into space instead of to the coast!!!  He hasn't stopped singing "Ground Control to Major Tom...." since I put his on him!

If anyone is interested in information on these face protectors, just leave me a note and I can give you the link etc.


  1. So funny. Love Alex thinking he is off on a space adventure!, he does look like he could be off to the space shuttle .
    I understand exactly about taking dolls and sasha bits that the husband does not realise are travelling with us! Lol
    Have a great time at the coast
    Hugs Dee

  2. What a wonderful idea - I can imagine Alex really loving it, thinking he is a spaceman. Gosh that song brings back memories...

    Would love to have the linky doo dah please :-)

  3. Brilliant idea! Clever you.
    Enjoy the coast with ALL your five Sasha husband!


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