Saturday 18 May 2013

Volks mosaic for Dee.....

Dee, here is a mosaic of my Volks dolls.....I have six of them, the biggest is a Super Dollfie Nana, she is approx 60cm tall and is shown in the first photo (which incidentally is not a very good one of her!!), then I have one MSD (Mini Super Dollfie), which is Toppi, she's the one I was talking about.  And then the other four are YOSD (Young Super Doffie), Ayumu, Megu, Neon and Papi.

I like the feel of their resin, it is very 'substantial' and their faces are not realistic with their big eyes and small noses and mouths, but I do love them!!!

Top row, L to R: Nana, Toppi, Ayumu
Bottom row, L to R: Megu, Neon, Papi

All of them have custom faceups. 

Hope you like them!!!


  1. They all look so different! I like the look of Ayumu and Megu, Toppi is sweet but sad looking and Nana is nice, Neon and Papi look sweet too.
    The big eyes are nice but so far of all the bjd's shown I like the two girls, Amy and Narae the far but they all have an appeal.... :)
    Thanks for showing me what A Volks Doll is...

    1. Thanks Dee, glad you like them....but yes, the two I sold are more 'realistic' looking than these ones.

  2. Great mosaic of your Volks dolls - I loved seeing how different they all are.

    I like the girl on the top left - she has a wistful look about her.

    1. Thanks Lorraine! That is Nana, she is a biggie!! I never do a thing with her but I like to look at her. She sits right in front of my sewing table so I stare at her a lot!! Her faceup is by a lady called Luna in Italy, she does lovely work!


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