Sunday 8 July 2012

My favourite girl.....?

It amazes me to say it, seeing as I wasn't a great fan of these dolls until recently, but I really really love my Kaye Wiggs light tanned Layla......she really has found her way into my heart!!!

Now, how did that happen!!!!!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

A nice surprise!

Today I received a packet from my lovely friend Anita who lives in the US.  I was expecting a letter  from her because she'd said that she'd sent one, but she had very kindly included a gift of a gorgeous piece of Tibetan lambswool in a rich auburn, which I wasn't expecting and which is brilliant because she knows how much I like to make my own things!

So without hesitation, I made a pretty wig for my Narae who was already a redhead, and I think with her green eyes, she really does look good in it!

Sunday 1 July 2012

Doggy day....

Today I didn't do anything with my dolls as I really needed to do some gardening as it was long overdue.  So with the help of  little furbabies, hubby and I did quite a bit of weeding and general tidying up of the garden. 

We managed to fill five large sacks with branches, weeds and leaves, and so now a trip to the dump will be on the cards!  There is still a bit more to do but as we were both complaining of very aching backs, we decided to leave the rest for another day!  The plants (and weeds) really do seem to grow like wildfire here, I guess it must be the sunshine and the heat.

In the meantime I took quite a few photos of the furbabies, so thought I'd share some here.  I don't think that Lucy, our Miniature Pinscher is in any of them, she is much too much of a busy body to be seen in front of the camera!!!!

I think Suki needs sunglasses!

Whilst Yoda can see perfectly clearly where food is concerned!

Kara, at 1.5 kilos, my tiniest girl 

Yoda and Suki pay rapt attention to some toast crusts!

Kara is such a poser, she's always keen to sit for the camera!

The gangs all here, Choco, Kara, Yoda and Suki...well the Chihuahua Gang anyway!

Yoda loves to sunbathe to the point when she is almost cooked, silly hot dog!

Eeeee!  Am I still beautiful Mum?

And Choco doing what little boys do best....getting dirty!

And finally, because Lucy wouldn't stay still for the camera, here is an old photo of my biggest and oldest girl!

She's in disguise.....