Thursday 29 May 2014

Ellie at the coast....

We came down to the coast on Monday and although I've been busy all week as I have a huge commission that I'm working on, today I was able to make time to take some photos of my little Ellie.  She is modelling another tee shirt that I made from a pair of childs knickers that I got for just €1 from the Chinese shop!!  Because of the small size of the knickers,  I had to make a completely new pattern as they were not long enough to make the front of the tee shirt, so I made a 'yoke' and then the picture was the main part below that.  I really like this tee shirt, and so, it would seem, does Ellie!!

I don't think this girl can take a bad photo!  She looks like a real child to me in some of them!  I know that below there are a lot of repetitive photos, and we all know that that can be soooo boring, but I just couldn't choose!!! 

Sunday 25 May 2014

A little bit of surgery....

What I do like about BJDs is that when you get fed up with their look you can change them.  I'd been thinking that I was rather bored with one of my little dolls and maybe she should look for a new home.  The thing is though, she's been here a long time, since 2008,  and I felt a little bit mean sending her away.  So this morning I decided to give her a bit of 'surgery'!  She is an Elf Elly Eomji by Dollmore and is one of the tiniest dolls that I have, at 14cm, but she has a beautifully sculpted body and the nicest hands and feet I've ever see on a doll.  They really are very elegant and well done.  So I took her to pieces and removed her old was really loose and floppy which made posing her a bit of a nightmare.  Now I was going to document this process with photos and make a tutorial of it, but to be honest, once I'd started, I really needed both hands AND those of my hubby, to get her back together again.  The replacement elastic was so thin but it was very hard to get through the holes in her feet for example.  Then once she was almost put back together again, I needed the help of an octupus to get her head and headplate back on!!  I also hot glue sueded her, which for those that aren't familiar with this, it is basically that you use a thin layer of hot glue on one side of each joint, usually NOT on the ball joint bit, but that which it goes into....sorry, I have no idea what that would be called...and this helps with posing as it makes a bit of friction between the two pieces of resin.  I then put thin wires through all her limbs and her neck to help even more.  After that, I added extra blush to her face as she was looking a bit pale, and finally a new wig, which I glued on because wigs always ping off her tiny head...she wears a size 2-3" wig and some of those are even too big on her!!!

And here she is, looking very cute I think!!  Oh and I forgot to say, her name is Scout!

Here she is sitting on the steps on my dollshouse, she's the perfect size for posing with 1/12th scale things!

By the fountain in the front garden of the dollshouse:

Helping with the planters in the front garden:

 Posing on the front steps of the house:

It's a good job there's no water running in the fountain at the moment Scout!

 Playing on her skateboard!

Being carried around by a Giant!  Oh no, that's just me!  (Showing you just how small she actually is!)

Saturday 24 May 2014

Little Chocolate Thief!!!!

"Sam, what are you doing, what do you have behind your back?"

"Nothing!" (Innocently!!)

"Come on now dear, you have something hidden behind your back, what is it?.....tell the truth and shame the devil!"

"I only have THIS!"

"What!  Where did you get that?  It's NOT yours!"

"I know!  It's Lindt's,  but she isn't eating it, is she?"

"But you can't just take it, it belongs to someone else!"

"But...but....Lindt got it from Auntie Kendal for Easter, and Easter's ages ago....and she's not eaten it!"

"That's not the point, Lindt is saving it, it's hers and you can't just take someone else's chocolate bunny just because you want to!"

"'s NOT fair!  She's not eating it, so I thought I would!"

"No Sam, Lindt may not be eating it, but it's hers and you can't just take something that's not yours.  Now go and put it back in the box, there's a good girl!"

"That's right, I hope you'll not take something again that doesn't belong to you!  I know you're not really a bad girl, so come on, let's go and find you a cookie instead, shall we?"

Samantha is an Elfdoll Hana Angel, she's 20cm tall and a fully jointed resin BJD.  I've had her since June 2009.  I love how she has three different faceplates and two different sets of hands as standard!  

Wednesday 21 May 2014

My chocolatey girl Lindt!

What's is life without a bit of chocolate?  A bit less fun me thinks, so I thought I'd share my chocolatey goodness with you, Lindt, my 1960s Gotz slate eyed brunette.

Outfit by me, shoes by Ruthsdoll.

Bertie finally gets some new duds!!!

Poor little Bertie, he's been here for months now and it wasn't until today that I finally finished an outfit for about neglected!  I don't know why it's taken me so long to get motivated into sewing something for him, I just find the babies a bit of a challenge.  I love looking at other peoples photos of them, I even like looking at this little fellows face as he sits on my Sasha shelf, but I had no urge to sew for him.  However he is now the happy owner of a set of new clothes and wanted to show them off to you.  He even has a hat....although it's not really the weather for this type of hat, when he saw the little fishes I'd decorated it with, nothing would deter him from putting it on right away!!

Bertie likes to play with his friend Stewart Little!

And he particularly loves his cousin Lindt!

Monday 19 May 2014

Some of my dog requested by Ronny of Simply Sasha!

Ronny is giving me stick about not sharing more photos of my dogs, so here you go, specially for you Ronny, some photos taken today and yesterday, of my little girls and boy!!!  Not great photos I'm afraid, they move too quickly for me to get good shots!!! :)

Lucy, Miniature Pinscher, enjoying the sunshine!

Yoda does one of her Yoga stretches!

Kara, my littlest Chihuahua!

Yoda and her shadow!

Suki checks out the plants...and wishes she'd remembered to wear her sunglasses!!

Choco says "Speak to the tail....."  

"Is this my best side?" asks Lucy!

Kara, the smallest of our dogs and Lucy, the largest, sunbathing in the DIRT!!! 

Choco, once again showing us his best side!!! NOT!

Ah, finally we see Choco from a more 'polite' angle!

Choco, looking very suspicious of the camera!

Well Ronny, I hope you've enjoyed seeing my furry babies again, I will try to take more photos...more often!!!  :)