Monday 27 July 2015

Sewing again, and a discovery....

The last few days have seen me sewing for the Kaye Wiggs girls again, this time a three piece outfit for a lady in the US.  She asked for her outfit to be made in pinks and also wanted overalls/dungarees in dark denim.  Here is her outfit:

The overalls/dungarees are made from medium weight denim with a small amount of lycra.  They've been washed several times to remove the dye.  They are all topstitched with rust coloured thread, have 6 working pockets, two on the back, two at the waist/hips and two on the bib.   As you will see below, the bib is lined in this case with blue and white polka dot cotton which is actually from a flamenco dress!!!  (I used blue and white as opposed to pink because I'm sure these will be worn with other outfits or even on their own!)   And they do up with proper metal mini overall clips!

The blouse is made from pink spotted quilters cotton with pointed collar and wide cuffs.  It does up with metal snaps and has tiny pink buttons sewn down the front placket:

One of the back pockets has a red 'tag' like real jeans do.

The sleeveless hooded jacket is made from soft fine flowered needlecord with a burgundy background and is fully lined in pink and white candy stripe shirting fabric.  It does up at the front with a pale pink separating zip.  It has two front pockets.

Here you can see the hooded jacket and the blouse.

However, I also made a good discovery when making this outfit too......the overalls/dungarees actually fit the Sasha dolls!  OK they're a bit on the long side but it won't take much for me to alter my pattern ever so slightly and have a pattern for a nicely fitting pair of overalls which fit Sasha and Gregor too.  And here is Nuria modelling them for me:

I love how the early evening sunshine is showing up the gorgeous colour of her hair's like spun gold :) 

Here you can see the lined bodice.....ideally Nuria would be wearing a vest or teeshirt underneath but I tried them on her on the spur of the moment....I'm not sure she's overly impressed about modelling topless!!! 

There is only one thing that I forgot to do and that is try out the sleeveless hooded jacket on Nuria too!!!!  I had every intention of doing so but packaged it up and sent it off today without remembering to do so!  Oh well, there's always next time :)        
Thanks for looking and have a lovely week!!!!


Thursday 23 July 2015


Hope also got a chance to relax on the beach too, so I thought I'd share just a few photos of her from Monday morning.  Because she's resin and resin can be damaged by the sun, I made sure to just keep her out in it for a short time!!

Now I'm seeking opinions here....does this girl need a new faceup?   Either professional or by me?  I'm thinking that she could be redone and have seen some beautiful work recently by an artist in Russia......decisions, decisions!  And I'm not asking this 'fishing for compliments', I really can't decide on my own what to do!  I'm terrible at making decisions about dolls!!!!

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Teddy plays in the sand....

I took Teddy to the beach on Monday morning as he'd been a good and patient boy whilst I've been sewing and enjoying my BJDs!  He has some new sand toys so he insisted on taking them with him and he had a great time building sand castles and playing with his new truck.  I got this perfectly sized truck with several spades and some sealife shapes all in a little plastic string bag for just 1 euro!  Teddy was delighted with them.  He already had his bucket and spade (again came with several digging implements, also 1 euro) so he had plenty to play with in the sunshine.  And...he kept his clothes on this time, even though it was really hot and he'd have been much more comfortable without them!  Such a funny little boy!

The sand on our local beach is quite dark, though not as dark as it appears in my photos.....I took the photos with the rising sun behind me, so as to catch the natural light on Teddy.

Somehow he managed to get sand all up his nose!!

Friday 17 July 2015

She wears short shorts!

Sometimes when I get a new doll I tend to focus entirely on that one and the others have to take a bit of a back seat.....and true to form, this has happened with Valentine, my new little Secretdoll Person.  Having said that, I have been playing with the other dolls that I have here with me at the coast but I've just not got around to photographing them much. 

So yesterday I made a little pair of shorts for Valentine, using a pair of Blythe knickers as a pattern.  The knickers are the ones that look like little boxer shorts, not the actual 'high leg' knickers.  They're so tiny!  The waist is very small, but the fit was really she is modelling them with an old red tee shirt that I've had 'forever'....the little cherry 'applique' on the front of it is actually just hanging there, it's not sewn on or anything, so that I can use the tee shirt with other things too.

Here's a funny thing about Persons..they don't have ears OR belly buttons!  Strange that!  And yet despite not having ears, they seem to hear everything that's going on.....especially when you're talking about sewing for a different doll!!!  

I know this is a duplicate of the first photo above but I thought she looked so sultry that I thought I'd share it too.....

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...and are enjoying your summer!!!

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Valentine and the Minion....

Today my new Secretdoll Person #21 arrived from France!  As you will see she is tanned, and as you will have gathered I LOVE tan dolls in particular.  I just love how nicely they photograph in the sunshine.

So back to my new Person, she is 19cm tall, having a tiny body but a large head, taking a 6 inch wig.  She is from 2012 and is part of the edition called 'Persons of the Past' and she is a 'full set'.  Basically for those who don't know, a 'full set' is a doll that comes with wig, eyes (thought most bjds come with eyes), full outfit and shoes.  My new girl's outfit is still in the packaging for now.

I have kept the name that her previous mum gave her, which is Valentine.  I thought it was a very cute name and suits her perfectly.  She came with a blond bobbed faux mohair wig and pink pupil-less eyes.  Well I've never liked pink eyes except on a white furry creature like a rabbit, and pupil-less is definitely not for me so as soon as Valentine was released from her box she got a change of eyes to these nice deep brown glass ones.  She also got a new wig which I'd ordered from South Korea in anticipation of her arrival.  It is also faux mohair but in red, and I've put it into two plaits.  I really like how it looks on her, I love the combination of red hair and brown eyes.

So here she is.  She chose this outfit to wear which I'd made a while ago for another of my tiny dolls. 

A close up....

I know that these girls are not for everyone but I do love them, they have so much 'attitude'!

So Valentine told me immediately that she needed a Minion!  Well, as luck would have it, I just happened to have got one on Sunday when I went to McDonalds!  They are currently in the kids Happy Meals and each week I've gone there to ask "which Minion this week?" as I wanted a particular one!  And last weekend there it was, a Grenadier Guard Minion!  Perfect! 

So Valentine has claimed him as her own.....Persons have a tendency to 'claim' things as their own, even when they belong to other people!!!!

At first I wasn't sure that this was the Minion for Valentine, he seemed pretty intent on marching back and forth with his banana, but it wasn't long before they seemed to be hitting it off!  She even gave him a loan of her sunhat as it was very hot and his busby was steaming! ;)

And then they chatted on the grass about all sorts of things!

They even shared a bottle of water to keep themselves from dehydrating!

And then they lay on the grass and watched for clouds in the sky!  Unfortunately for them, there weren't any again today, so they just watched the birds flying by!  The Minion continued to hold on tightly to his banana!

I hope Valentine will be happy here and I look forward to sharing more photos of her again soon!

Thank you for visiting, have a great week everyone!


Sunday 12 July 2015


Oh dear!  I was trying to think of something catchy as a title for this post...and between me and the hubby, who is usually very good at that sort of thing, this is all we could come up with.  But what does it mean I hear you ask!  Well nothing really!  It's just that this little one below, Samantha, my 20cm tall Elfdoll Hana Angel, came to Torrox Costa with us the other day and didn't want to wear a hat....geddit now?  Sombrero, non-brero?!  Yes, I shouldn't give up the day job  now, should I! :)

But we finally got her to stand still WITH the hat on, to take a couple of photos.  I suppose it could have been worse, she is my doll with 3 different face plates, one of which is a very grumpy face.....I really should have photographed her in that one!

Instead just a couple of very straight faced poses from Sam....but it was so hot this is all we got of her before she had to go back into my handbag and get out of the sunshine!!!

(As per usual when I'm taking photos in public, they are not great and quick rushed, just in case someone spotted me....and sent for the men in white coats to cart me off!)

Hope everyone is having a lovely sunny Sunday as we are!