Wednesday 28 January 2015


The little Secretdoll Persons are BORED!  And that, I'm afraid, spells trouble....BOREDOM and Persons do not bode well in the same sentence ;)

I am having to have eyes in the back of my head at the moment, walking on eggshells and on tenterhooks, it is only a matter of time before something happens.......

(And just in case anyone wonders, firstly, if you value your life,  you do NOT ask a Person why they might be wearing a Pirate hat when the rest of their clothes are not fancy dress, and secondly, you NEVER and I repeat NEVER, tell a Person, never mind a redheaded Person, that their outfit clashes with their hair....)

"Weez bored!"

Me: "Why are you bored girls? You've got mountains of toys to play with!" 

 Oh dear, there's that LOOK and the stubborn tilt of the chin and hands on hips!
You'll notice how Percy on the left, always looks to Kobi for 'guidance'.......Kobi really is the 'ring leader'  ;)

 Me: "Ah, good girl Percy!  You've found something to play with!"

"But I'M still bored" says Kobi!  Oh dear......not GOOD!

We've all seen what happens when Persons get bored........(flashbacks to previous occasions (photos) when Persons got bored!) 

Hope you've enjoyed a little insight into life with Secretdoll Persons!  For those who're interested, they're from the S.Korean company Secretdoll, are fully ball jointed and made of resin.  They are approx 19cm tall but most of that is their big heads!  Their bodies are tiny and skinny....and they always seem to have a whole LOT of attitude!!!

Tuesday 27 January 2015

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

I think it is finally time for little Angelina to go back home to her mum.  She's been here now for more than a month, having arrived some time in December.....and prior to that I know she was with Dee in the UK, so I feel it is time for her to leave....she is a little homesick and misses her mum and their farm.  It has been lovely having her to visit, she's a very sweet little Toddler and a cute size to sew for!

I hope she's enjoyed herself staying with us and learned a few Spanish words too....hopefully not naughty ones though, not like my own son did, very quickly, when he first came here :)

Here are just a couple of photos of Angelina taken in the garden today.  I made her a new coat and striped leggings, and she wanted to model them in the was really quite warm today and not really necessary for her to have the hood up, but well we all know what Toddlers can be like...very determined!!!!  The coat is fully lined with checked cotton, except for the hood which is lined with a constrasting corderoy.

The coat isn't really 'wonky' at the front, I think it's the way she's standing! (Well I hope not anyway!!!!!) ;)

Sunday 25 January 2015

Keeping up the challenges.....

As I mentioned last weekend, I've set myself a challenge to sew something using patterns that I've not used before.  Well I've really been busy this week and although some of my 'challenges' have not exactly involved new patterns, they have involved modifications to those patterns.  For example, I made a sleeveless gillet for Dee's Elfine (The Sasha Village blog) and where the pattern calls for the gillet to be made unlined in knit fabric, I decided to fully line mine in lilac and white gingham and make the gillet itself in deep lilac corderoy.   I had to do quite a bit of it by hand but am very happy with the finished result, and so I believe is Elfine, so that's the main thing! :)  Here is the gillet being modelled by Hope, my Kaye Wiggs girl. 

And here are the details of the jeans....because I know it wouldn't be 'fitting' to ask HRH Princess Elfine to show us her bum ;)....they have 5 working pockets, opening front fly, leather tag on the waistband and red tag on the pockets, as well as tiny metal 'rivets' like real jeans have.  I don't generally add belt loops as they add too much bulk at the waist.  And please ignore the printing on the leather tag...not good...but once I'd put it on, there was no getting it off again. :(

Another challenge this weekend was to make a pair of boots for my Kidz n Cats dolls.  This pattern is designed for the American Girl dolls so is a little bit wide in the leg for the Kidz, however, I think with thick socks or boot toppers, they work very well.  I used red faux suede for these.

Sian (2014 Grace) gets to wear them first as she doesn't have any other footwear that remotely matches her outfit....

Earlier in the week I also finished a couple of outfits for another friend in the UK, these are for the Little Darlings and the ski pants are another pattern that I'd not used before but adapted from a different pattern.  Finn is modelling them beautifully for me.....(you'll also notice that she's trying a couple of different wigs....what do you think?)

Sewing aside, I also did a bit more work on the eye sockets of my other Kidz n Cats girl, Elise from 2013.  I wanted her to have these eyes but they are oval, flat backed, glass and wouldn't sit right in the sockets, I have now got them to fit perfectly, so I'm very happy with that as I think these glass eyes are much nicer and more natural looking than those I'd previously used.

And finally some photos of both Kidz girls together, Elise on the left with Sian.....they are the best of friends :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a lovely week :)  

Thursday 22 January 2015

Darcie dances in...

It's taken me since Christmas to take photos of Darcie who was my Christmas present from my hubby.  Darcie is actually a Gotz Asian Hannah at the Ballet and is an approx 50cm (19.5-20 inches) tall, all vinyl play doll.  I had been looking at getting her for several months prior to Christmas and so was really pleased to receive her.  I have called her Darcie because, not only is she a little 'ballerina' but several times after receiving her, so I heard mention of the ballet dancer Darcie Bussell on television, so it was meant to be :)

I haven't made anything for her to wear yet so below you will see her wearing the extra outfit that these dolls come with.  They arrive wearing a cute pink ballet outfit and have a second outfit, plus shoes, aswell.  The pink boots are from My Doll Best Friend in the UK and the hat is actually knitted for premature babies and was bought at the market in Torre del Mar, down on the coast!

Sunday 18 January 2015

Elise gets a new outfit....

I was thinking that it can get very boring sewing the same styles over and over and perhaps I needed a challenge.  I decided to challenge myself to make something every weekend for one of my dolls using a pattern that I've not used previously.  It shouldn't be a problem finding different patterns as honestly, I have tons of unused patterns....I'm about as addicted to patterns as I am to dolls and fabric!

So yesterday I started with my first new pattern.  I used one that is actually designed for the American Dolls and thought I'd have to do a bit of adjusting as I wanted it for my Kidz n Cats Elise....the American Dolls have very chunky soft bodies.  However, the style I chose didn't need much adapting at all and I'm very pleased with how it came out. 

Elise teamed the tunic with a white long sleeved knit  tee shirt, grey leggings, and her default belt, leg warmers and boots.  Her hat is from My Doll Best Friend.  I really like how this outfit looks on her and will definitely use this tunic top pattern again!

Snug as bugs in rugs!

We heard on the local news that there is the possibility of snow here between now and Tuesday....brrrrr.....our houses just aren't designed for that, unfortunately!  Here's a photo from 28th February 2013, the last time it snowed in our town:

Anyway today it's been raining heavily and it's cold but yesterday I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, and dress some of my girls up in their lovely new knits that I got from my dear dolly friends for Christmas, so that they were prepared if the weather does get worse and secondly so that I could share some of my presents on here.  

First up is Destin, my 60's Gotz Slate Eyes blond Sasha wearing a pretty knitted jumper and hat set which was one of my presents from my lovely friend Dee...thank you so much Dee :)  The jumper set is made by Gillian Nash and is teamed here with a pair of stretch ski pants that I made last year....and shoes by Boneka.

Next up are two lovely knitted sets from my dear friend Joyce in the UK.  These were made by Joyce herself for my Little Darlings and are being modelled here by Finn and Reece.  Ellie also has a nice set and will model hers once she comes back home again from the US where she on her way to visit with Dianna Effner for eye surgery.   Don't the girls look sweet and cuddly in their warm winter sets!  Again I've added ski pants that I made up quickly yesterday.  Thank you very much Joyce! 

And a couple of photos of Reece on her own...Reece is my factory painted UFDC doll, Ana, who's eyes I've enhanced using Judikins Diamond Glaze which was recommended by Dianna Effner.

I do have some other nice presents to show but I'm waaaay behind and haven't photographed them yet!  As soon as I do I'll share on here too :)

I hope everyone has a great week and keeps safe and warm!