Tuesday 31 January 2012

And then there were .... FIVE!!!!!!!

Hubby and I have talked for a little while about adding another Chihuahua baby to our little 'pack' and so whilst we were down at the coast we decided to have a chat with a lady called Jenny who is a breeder of Chihuahuas in Malaga.  Jenny is a lovely person, originally from Belgium and has been breeding Chihuahuas for many years.  She sent us photos of all the puppies she had available and I 'sort of' fell in love with the photo of a very cute little boy puppy, who's pedigree name is Baudouin, named after the king of Belgium who ruled from 1951 - 1993.

So on Saturday we went to visit her, under no obligation to buy and really only with the intention of viewing her 'set up' as a breeder.  However, as they say "all the best laid plans....." , we both fell in love with different pups!  So in the end we came away with, not only Baudouin but also with Plupie too!

Baudouin is a 7 week old smooth coated standard Chihuahua who was born on the 9th December 2011.....from now on he will be known as Choco.  Jenny had been calling him Choco because of the colour of his lovely soft fur, and we think it suits him, so Choco he will remain.

Plupie (pedigree name) was born on the 1st October 2011 so she will be four months old tomorrow.  She is a cream coloured long haired Chihuahua, and is what is referred to as a 'tea cup' Chihuahua because of her small size.  She will now be known as Suki.

Both of them are settling in nicely and slowly finding their feet!!!  We took them to our vet today to register them with our own veterinary practice and for their first check up and they had their tiny nails trimmed.  Suki was very brave and didn't make any fuss, but little Choco was not overly amused at the vet giving him a little manicure!!!

Their personalities are quickly showing and it is becoming apparent that at the moment Suki is a bit of a 'devil', she is into everything and really bossing her tiny 'brother' about.  However, we think it won't be long before Choco has the upper 'paw'.  He may be small at the moment, but he has a very sturdy build!  I think he is going to grow up to be a bit of a 'bruiser'!!!

As for my 'bigger' small girls, Lucy, Yoda and Kara, they are getting used to the new arrivals.  Lucy is making sure that they are aware she is, in her opinion anyway,  'top dog'.... and Yoda has been playing 'tuggy' with Suki.  Kara .... well Kara is just Kara!  She is 'scared' of them both, I think they are a bit too 'lively' in her opinion.  Having said that, little Kara is scared of her own shadow, so it was no surprise that she'd be very wary of the newcomers!

So far they have been very hard to photograph.  Apart from sticking their bums to the sofa with double sided tape, how on earth does one photograph small puppies?!!!!  Anyway, here are a few 'not so good' photos taken on the evening they arrived. 

Friday 27 January 2012

Dolly collecting....

I wonder if I'm the only dolly collector person who sells dolls then regrets it....then buys the same doll again?  I look at my list of dolls that I've adopted out and there really is a pattern emerging.  I have even bought some dolls twice and sold them again......weird eh?  I sometimes think it is that I love someone else's photos of a particular doll, I get one for myself and then mine doesn't seem to live up to the other persons photos and so I lose heart and she (or he!) has to move on.

Some of the dolls that have moved on, I re-order and they do stay second time round....which really makes me wonder if I actually thought it through when I sold previously, or whether it's just that at that particular time, that doll was not for me!

For example today I just ordered a Mini Fee Rheia and yet it's not that long since I sold a beautiful one to a friend in the UK!!!  And it's only now that I realise I miss her, hence the new order.  I did sell her though to fund the purchase of my lovely Elfdoll Dami, so no regrets on buying her, but regrets on how hasty I was to sell Rheia to get her.  Oh well!  The funny thing is, I had Elfdoll Amy and she was lovely....sold her to get someone else I guess....and so it goes on!

And yet some girls come here and I never for one moment think about giving them Little Fee Ante, Fiona (shown below), is one of those.  I just love her to bits and she's been here for a few years now!!! 

And yet some dolls move on and I don't have a moment of regret.............funny old game, dolly collecting!!!

On the non dolly front, we are at the coast since last Tuesday and up until this morning the weather has been lovely....what I would call 'short sleeves weather' if I weren't such a 'cold morning' sort of person!  But today is horrendous!  Rain, rain and more rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening and needing to put the lights on just after lunch....not a good day to be by the sea!  But we're nice and cosy indoors with the fire on, doggies curled up in their bed or on the sofa ..... so not such a bad day after all!  And added to that, a new fridge and microwave delivered this morning and lunch in a local Chinese restaurant in Torre del Mar......ahhhh what could be better!

Just adding a few photos from a couple of days ago when the weather was beautiful!

Monday 23 January 2012

Sew and sew....

Today I made a dress for my Iplehouse JID Asa, or Grace as she is called here.  I used a grey knitted cardigan that I bought some time ago and never wore.  It was so new that it still had the tags attached!  So I used the sleeves of the cardigan for the front and back of the dress because I wanted to incorporate the ribbing in the dress, and then part of the front of the cardigan for the sleeves.  I'm not overly happy with the collar but it will have to do!  I think it looks better on than I expected.  She needs a large shawl/scarf to go with it, I think! 

So here she is, I made her leggings last week and they go quite well with the dress.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go down to the coast.  We've not been there since September so the place is going to be dusty and probably cold, but the temperature is a bit warmer down there so it won't take long to heat up!  I plan to take some girls with me and hope to get some nice beach photos if there are not too many people about!

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Another great dolly day....

Yesterday my Unoa Sist arrived.  Paco, our postman, arrived in the pouring rain whilst we were still in bed drinking our was cold and such a miserable day that we didn't rush to jump out of bed...and Paco was early to be fair!  (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

So there she was!  The tracking showed her as still being in customs so I was delighted to see her arrive, and even more so because she didn't get charged a ransom fee!

Anyway, she is beautiful and I'm really really delighted with her!  She came with lots of extras; she has both breast plates, both the large bust and the small flat chest, resin bunny ears which I'm hoping to blush soon, her default eyes and original white fur wig, original eye mechanism, all her paperwork and a cute jeans and tee shirt outfit sent as a gift from the seller!  I'm quite delighted with her! 

Here are a few photos that I took this morning.....her name is going to be Sasha.

Raining cats and .... dogs!

A couple of dolly 'tails' that I had to share!

The night before last it was pouring with rain, dark and miserable.  Hubby and I were sitting in the lounge minding our own business when there was a terrific 'thud' from just outside the window.  The first part of our patio is 'covered', having a roof of polycarbonate panels and the noise appeared to come from there.  Of course being dark and very wet out, we couldn't see a thing but thought perhaps it was our son doing something upstairs.  But then we heard it again, it was so loud that it made us both jump!  So we went out to investigate and there on the roof of our downstairs bathroom....was a large shaggy DOG!!!! 
Seeing us staring out of the window at him he got a bit 'spooked' and decided to run back across the roof of the patio, up onto the roof of the kitchen and along the rooves of our single storey laundry room and storage rooms!  The roof is very slanting there and I was so worried that he'd loose his footing and fall onto the hard ground below, breaking some of his bones....or worse!

But luckily son Brendan came to the rescue!  He recognised the dog as belonging to a neighbour a few doors up from us and so the quest began to get hold of the dog's he doesn't actually live in the house occupied by his dogs :(

It turned out that he was also looking for his dog and they were able to coax the poor soggy mutt off the rooftop, onto our upstairs terrace and down through our house and back to his own home without any injuries!! 

I was glad this little dog had a happy ending....the only problem now, was how to get rid of the smell of wet dog that came through our house with him!!!

The second doggy tail is that of Kara, our little brown Chihuahua.  She has recently been diagnosed as suffering from epilepsy and now has to take daily medication for the rest of her life, in the hope of preventing her from having fits.

The tablets are tiny to begin with but because Kara is so small herself, she only has to take one quarter tablet in the morning and one in the evening.  Well Kara has a reputation for being a bit of a 'fire-brand' when being forced to do anything she doesn't think she should be doing....and taking tablets is one of those things!   I have been carefully hiding the tiny piece of tablet in a piece of doggy sausage each morning and night and she's been really happy to take that from me...and wolf down her tablet in the process.  Or so I thought!

It turns out that the little minx has indeed been eating her sausage, but she's not been eating ALL of the tablets.  I went to her bed as I was a bit suspicious, I lifted her cushion only to find THREE separate tiny quarters of tablet hidden underneath!!!  And a further one quarter deposited under the parrots cages!!!!!  And there was me thinking what a good little girl she'd been, taking her tablets so well!  She has me wrapped around her tiny little paw, she really


Kara, a picture of innocence?!!!

Back to the drawing board!!!

Friday 13 January 2012

A Great Dolly Day....

Today my postman bought me not one but two packages!  The first smaller package was a belated Christmas present from my dear friend May in Australia, she sent me some fancy blue fabric, some black lacy fabric with spiders in their webs on it and finally some leatherette fabric in black.  Very nice and very useful!

The second bigger package contained my Iplehouse JID Amy in real skin that I bought recently on the DOA marketplace.  The seller was here in Spain so it was 'almost' instant gratification, which I have to say is lovely sometimes!  I do like the anticipation of waiting for a doll or dolly package to arrive, but it's also great to get a package quickly too!  So this one only took 3 days to get here from Alicante. 

Well Amy is lovely, really pretty.  Her faceup was done by JinXed on DOA, who also sold her to me....the work on her is very nicely done but a bit pale in our very bright sunshine so I enhanced her a little bit by adding more freckles, some extra blush and darkened up her eyebrows a little.  I also gave her eyelashes as she came without them and looked a little 'bald'.  She's chosen a cute Frosted Blond wig by Spite & Malice on DOA and blue soft silicone eyes from Eyeco.  I'm very happy with her.  Here are a couple of photos:

In the meantime my Unoa Sist is in Customs here in Spain, so I'm keeping everything crossed that she'll get through without a hefty ransom!

In other news, Kara my little Chihuahua is doing well on her anti epilepsy medication, she's taking it nicely without any hassle (although I have to say that the fact that it's pushed into a piece of doggy sausage helps a lot!)  We really hope that she doesn't have any more fits now, although she'll have to take the meds for the rest of her life, bless her!

Today I made a dress pattern for the Iplehouse JID and made a prototype using knit fabric, it's only tacked/basted together at the moment but tomorrow I hope to sew it up on the machine and see how it looks. 

More on that tomorrow.......

Monday 9 January 2012

A belated Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe that it has been three weeks since I had the chance to write on my Blog!  Where has the time gone? 
My family came and went, Santa/Papa Noel came and went and finally The Three Kings came and went.......and here I am!  And what can I say?  I must have been a good girl last year because my family brought me nice things, Santa bought me nice things....and The Three Kings didn't bring me coal....aaaahhhh that's a relief!

So Santa was really good to me and as previously posted, he, cunningly disguised as the Post Man, brought my Iplehouse JID Asa just a few days before Christmas.  But I got lots of other nice things too.  Brian, my hubby, as well as paying for half of Asa, gave me a Samsung Galaxy Tablet which is brilliant!  I love it!  And then my mum and brother gave me money, some of which  I spent on a nice black leather handbag....a big roomy one for all my stuff, including my new Tablet!

Brendan and Virginia gave me a cute little Kimmidoll:

These little dolls are given to "celebrate important values in life’s journey such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect".  Mine is called Ayama which means Gratitude.  Each one comes with a little collectors card and there are quite a few to collect.  Of course now that I have one, I would like another to  be her friend......but will have to wait until I go to Sevilla again as that is the only place I've seen them for sale except on the internet.  

Virginia's mum crocheted me a gorgeous scarf and Magdalena gave me a pretty red jumper.  I'm very lucky!

On the dolly news front, there have been some comings and goings....well the goings have gone but the comings have yet to arrive but the money has gone from my Paypal account!  My first purchase was a beautiful Unoa Sist from a lady in Asia.  I had been drooling over the doll from the moment that she was posted for sale on DOA.  I was so worried that someone else would snap her up before I had enough money together to get her, but fortunately that was not to be the case and last week I bought her!  I can't wait for her to arrive, she is just gorgeous!  Here are a couple of photos of her, used with kind permission of the seller:

Of course in the pursuit of getting such a lovely doll, there had to be a couple of 'casualties' on the way, so my Volks Yosd Little Lorina has gone to live with a lovely new mum in Belgium and my little Lati Yellow tanned Ruki has been adopted by an equally lovely lady in the US.  I loved both dolls but can't have everything.  For every new doll I buy, an existing doll has to go or I'd be overrun with the little resin critters! 

I do have some more dolly news but will save that for another day!