Wednesday 20 March 2019

A Little Bit of Creativity....

The weather here had, until today, been beautiful and it inspired me to get a bit creative....I have so many ideas rolling round inside my head but when I sit down in my doll/sewing room, those ideas just seem to float out of the window...and are lost.  But I've recently had a little spurt of creativity and thought I'd share it with you...

Firstly I decided that Anuschka, my Zwergnase Junior, needed a new wig, as her default one, shown in my last post, was really messy and matted underneath her hat so I looked through my wig box and found this one (below) and thought it made a good replacement for's a Monique Gold wig, I have no idea of the name, but know that once it was a long one, before I got carried away with the scissors!!!!  I do like her with messy hair.  😊

So then she got a new dress.  I made this using a pattern for Maru & Friends dolls, but the fit is quite good. 

Then yesterday I made a wig for my little Irrealdoll Annic.  I've struggled with finding a good wig for her because she's got such a tiny head that manufactured wigs, even in her size, seem to have too much hair so they overwhelm her face.  I decided to make my own, so I made a head cap with tulle and several layers of white glue, which once hard, makes a close fitting cap.  I then used fake fur from a cushion I bought at Lidl, trimming lines of the fur still attached to the fabric, making 'wefts' and then attaching them to the cap, again with white glue.  And then once it'd dried, I cut it into the only style I can really do, a bob!!!  I'm really quite pleased with how it came out and don't think it overwhelms her at all.

So what do you think?

Apart from that, I have heard that my pre-order dolls will soon be shipping, so that's exciting for me, I hope I'm happy with them both :)

And finally, here is a photo of some poppies that are growing in the dry river bed behind my home.....

I hope you're all having weather to your liking, wherever you may be.....

Have a lovely week!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Monday 11 March 2019


The weather has been beautiful here and I'm hoping that spring really has sprung already.  I went for a walk on the beach with my friend and her dog and decided to bring along a doll to photograph.  My friend Julie isn't a doll collector but she does seem to take an interest in my dolls and often says she'll make some knitted items for them.....I'm still waiting Julie!!! πŸ˜‰

So it was the turn of Neele, my one remaining Wichtel doll by Rosemarie Muller.  She's a cute little thing and I thought, with her big wide soled sandals, she'd be a good doll to take to the beach as she'd hopefully not fall flat on her face in the sand!!!  

 Neele has her bucket but she doesn't have a spade, so I need to find an icecream place that serves their desserts with those spade shaped plastic spoons because I think it'd be the perfect size for her!  And what a good excuse for an icecream!

My friend Julie then set up this pose with her dog, Louis....I definitely think Julie has an eye for doll photography, I may have to lend her a doll to take out with her when we walk the dogs again next time!!! πŸ˜‰

And here's the end result, I think you'll agree a cute shot!  It helps that Louis is a very well behaved boy, my dogs would probably have dragged my doll face down through the stones!!!

Apart from that, my selling has continued and several of my dolls have found new homes.  A few are still waiting to be adopted, including two previously brunette bald Sashas,  a bald Gregor and two brunette Gregors, one of which was rerooted by me.  And also my first blond Sasha, Millie, who has beautiful hair and who's eyes were repainted by Shelly of Sasha Dolls UK.  She is actually already on Ebay, if you're interested. 

If you look at all my listings you will see the other dolls I currently have listed.  If you're interested in any of them, please contact me and I can sell them off Ebay if you'd prefer it.

Before I go, I thought I'd share a few other photos that I've taken recently of various dolls of mine.  I'm doing a 'doll a day' with a couple of friends via email, I'm enjoying it because it's making me take photos of my dolls when sometimes I just can't be bothered!!!  

Here is Anais (Irrealdoll Annic in Truffle skin) with her new bike which I found on Ebay, it's the perfect scale for her and so nicely detailed.


And here is one of my first Blythes, Hershey who is a Simply Chocolate Blythe that I customised some years ago....

And finally, a photo of Anuschka, one of my Zwergnase Juniors.  She is from 2006 and her hair is made of mohair and has got really tangled and messy recently.  But these photos don't show that, so I was really happy with how she looks.  She has such a great grumpy face!! 😊

Well I hope you all have a great week and that the weather is good wherever you are!

Big hugs

Sharon xxx