Saturday 18 April 2020

On line shopping....

In the absence of being able to physically go shopping, apart from boring stuff like food, I find myself looking on line at dolly stuff, I put things into the website's carts and then I just delete it again....I do this before signing in to these websites, just in case my finger slips and I find myself spending money that I don't have!!!

Well this morning I was a little bit naughty and I went searching on doll websites just to see what is available.  I was expecting that a lot of the sites wouldn't be shipping right now but one of the Spanish companies that I've used in the past, Doll and Doll, state that they're still shipping and also had some cute vinyl dolls in stock by the company Llorens, and me, not being able to resist a bargain, decided to put one in my shopping cart....just put her in there you understand, not buy her!  Then of course I saw some sweet little socks, 2,95 euros?  Not bad!! I put a pair of those in too.  And then I saw some downloadable patterns, yes one of those would be useful!  Into the cart it goes.  

But this time I thought "oh what the hell" and I pressed 'proceed to checkout'.  So a new doll and a pair of socks are going to be on their way here next week!  And the pattern is already downloaded and ready to print off.  

The doll is very cute though and the prices of these dolls, which are completely made here in Spain, are so very reasonable that it would be criminal not to purchase.  And with the way things are at the moment, the economy really will need a boost so I'm really just doing my bit to help my fellow inhabitants of Spain, don't you think?! 😉

Here is the doll that I've ordered, her company name is Daniela:

She is 37cm tall, all vinyl with rooted hair.  She has fixed acrylic inset eyes and five joints.  If my previous experience of this company, Llorens, is anything to go by, then the outfit will be nicely made with good quality fabrics.  I like that the outfit has several pieces.  And the price?  A very good 37,95 euros (approx $41), so that cannot be bad!!!  

There are other styles too, here is a photo I borrowed from another website:

I have seen another one that is really very cute and if I like this doll and decide to get her a friend I might wait and order her, but for now I will just wait and see.  And I was even thinking that she might be a good candidate for a spot of customising seeing as I enjoy doing that so much!  Or maybe she is cute enough that I will leave well alone!!

All I have to hope for now is that the post office will still be delivering parcels!

I hope you all have a good weekend, stay safe and well!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Thursday 9 April 2020

A Few Little Crafty Tasks....

Hello and welcome back to my lockdown world!!  Things remain the same here except that the lockdown is now being extended until the end of the month....I suspect it will be extended again after that, but I'm fine with it, as long as it keeps us all safe.

I have spent so much time on the internet and chatting on social media, but I have managed to read a few books on my Kobo and now I've actually done a few dolly things too.

Firstly I finished an outfit for one of my Kaye Wiggs girls that I'd actually cut out back in January.  I put it away when my son was coming to visit and had every intention of actually sewing it when he left on the 7th February.  Well that never happened but finally I started and finished about a week or so ago.  Here it is being modeled by Layla....

The outfit consists of a knit fabric hoodie with separating zip, a cap sleeved striped tee shirt and a skater skirt with attached leggings.

Another job that I've been meaning to do for ages is some partial re-rooting to one of my Sashas.  This girl is called Destin and she has been with me for almost 6 years, she is a Gotz Sasha Slate Eyes made in Germany in the mid 1960s.  She has nice thick hair at the back, although the ends are a little dry, but at the front on top it was a little thin.  I just happen to have here the perfect match in hair for her.  It comes from a modern Gotz doll that I used to have.  I cut off her hair and kept the hair before wigging her.  So the hair has been waiting to be used for this particular Sasha for maybe two years!!!  So I did that a few days ago and the hair really is the perfect match for her existing hair.  I didn't do too much, as I said above, her hair was thick at the back and I didn't want to overdo it, but I filled in some thin hair plugs and added just a few more.  Here she is before:

And here, showing you her new look:

Beautiful spring outfit is by Sarah Williams AKA Vintage Sasha
Orangutan is from IKEA
Socks by me and
Beautiful leather shoes by the late great Jean Jensen.

Finally,  I took some photos of Bailey, my 1971 wider faced brunette (rewigged) as she'd not been in front of the camera for ages.  I used my friend's camera to try it out....I didn't take many photos but thought these show her as she actually is....

Well that's all for now, so I will sign off and hope that you all remain safe and well.  

Big hugs

Sharon in Spain xx