Saturday 30 May 2015

A flea market find....

Today is my hubby Brian's birthday and I suggested we go to Fuengirola to the big flea market there (I certainly know how to treat a Birthday Boy, don't I ;) ), well it's technically in a place called Los Boliches, and takes part every Saturday.  You have to get there early as parking is a nightmare, plus the Danish restaurant where we like to have breakfast only serves it until 11am.  I've shown the breakfast from this restaurant on here in the past but here it is again......a lovely feast to set us up for the market!!!

So after our breakfast and coffee, we started on the stalls!  I always look out for dolls and anything dolly sized that I could use as props, but usually come home empty handed.  That NP Sasha for €10 wasn't there again today.....just the usual biro covered Barbies, ugly footless Bratz and hollow plastic Nancys!!  However, on one stall an unusual but cute 'fellow' caught my eye so I haggled with the seller who told me the doll was 'special' (yeah right!!) and got the price down to €12 which I thought was reasonable.  I thought the doll was a boy but when I got back to the car and had a look, I realised it's supposed to be a girl as she has two plaits pulled up the sides of her head and tied with a bow under her headscarf.

The doll is approx 20 inches tall and made completely of felt but has a wire aperature inside.  She is nice and clean without any odours, thank goodness!  The hair is made of faux fur and stuck on and the face is painted or maybe printed on, I'm not sure which.  The clothes are not removable and are quite well made with all the seams finished that I can see.  The backpack straps and the belt are made of leatherette.  The only thing missing seems to be the belt buckle.  There aren't any labels or tags on the doll or her clothing, so I have no idea where she comes from or whether she is from a company or handmade by an individual.  She stands up on her own really well.  I have no idea where she will fit into my doll collection, she is completely different from anything else I have, but I thought it would be nice to bring her home!!!

So here she is, I hope someone might be able to enlighten me about her, any information would be greatly appreciated!  I thought she looked sort of Austrian or German, maybe Swiss?  But really she could be just a home-made Spanish doll!  Who knows!

Full length view:

Close up:

Full length back view:

 Choco seemed quite interested.....

The second doll I found is currently still damp after having her hair washed so I will show you her another time!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Wren amongst nature....

Here is Wren modelling a new outfit that I finished today for a commission, comprising of my new pattern for a all-in-one or 'body' with puffed sleeves, ra-ra skirt, hairband and socks.
I thought she looked so pretty in these colours that I had to share.  And of course she gives the flowers a run for their money when it comes to beauty!!!

Friday 22 May 2015

For Sale - Sasha is looking for pastures new....

I have for sale Millie, my blond Sasha from 1971.  I bought her from Shelly of Sasha Dolls UK in November 2012 and she had already been restrung and her original elastic is inside her torso....I have to say that I've never looked though, but this information was from Shelly's description when I bought her.

Millie has lovely hair, beautiful and soft, with a centre part to her crown, it is two toned blond.  The dry ends of her hair have been professionally trimmed by my own hairdresser, and she washed and conditioned it at the same time....she did a lovely job of it.

She is a clean and fresh little girl with no chews or staining.  She has one tiny black dot near her eye which is within the vinyl and not a stain.

Millie will travel nude to her new home and I'm asking £190 plus postage from Spain.  I will post worldwide.  Paypal payments only.

I have added a lot of photos below so you can get a good look at her, so if you are interested or would like any more photos then please email me at

As you can see, Millie is a great clothes model...

Gorgeous hair, shown from the back:

Still incredibly long, only the tiniest bit professionally trimmed:

This girl could be the next Harmony Model, don't you think? ;) (Showing my age now!) 

Perfectly styled fringe:

Wears a ponytail very well, wouldn't you say? :)

Beautiful profile :)

Poses well too....

 Never complains about working in the heat!

Very good with animals!

Enjoys relaxing too!

What more could you ask for in a Sasha! :)

Thanks for looking!!  And have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

It had to happen......

For quite some time now I've been saying that I'd like to have a Cora and had admired several on Shelly's website, even going as far as to make an offer on one, which was (unfortunately at the time) turned down.  But I often say that these things are meant to be because I have now adopted the sweetest Cora!!!  So I was wise to wait!

This lovely girl arrived yesterday from Germany.  As soon as I saw her up for adoption I knew she was the one for me.  She is an early 70s girl and is in perfect condition, she even has the slightest smell of new vinyl, which always brings back such wonderful memories of childhood Christmas Days!  Her hair is wavy and full with no falling or empty plugs, her outfit, although minus her red sandals, is in excellent condition,  but the best thing of all she has gorgeous eyes AND she has a wide face!!!! 

So here she is!  She hasn't got a name yet, she may even keep the name Cora but I'll have to see, maybe she is just waiting to tell me her name :)  Oh and of course she needs something new to wear too, but will have to be a patient little girl as I'm rather busy with commissions at the moment!


Sunday 17 May 2015

Jeans for Sasha and Gregor!

I was asked by one of my lovely 'customers' if I would make some jeans for her Sasha, so last week I drew up a pattern and then I made the jeans.  I thought the first pair would be a 'prototype' because when making new patterns there's always a bit of tweeking that has to be done to the pattern.  However, they came out a really great fit and I was delighted that I didn't have to make another pair immediately!  Of course my own girls weren't overly impressed because usually, they get the 'prototypes' which in my opinion aren't good enough to sell to someone else!  Ooops!  I guess I know what I'll be doing come the autumn then!

So here they are.  These are made from prewashed denim with a small lycra content, they have four working pockets, contrasting top stitching, front fly opening (closes with two small metal snaps), back yoke, leather label on the waistband and red 'tag' on one the back pocket.  They are then finished with metal 'rivets' like regular human jeans are!  These deliberately do not have belt loops at the request of the buyer.

Being beautifully modelled by Wren by lovely 1969 Kilt....

Thanks for looking!  I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Sky Blue for Skye...

At the weekend Skye reminded me that I'd not yet made her a summer dress as I'd promised, so I quickly sewed up this simple summer 'shift' type dress in two lovely blue and white fabrics that I recently bought.  I love blue and white, they are easily my favourite colours together, and I am happy with how this little dress turned out.  I think it goes very well with her eyes, bringing out the beautiful blue of the handpainting....she really is a very pretty girl, wouldn't you agree! :)