Monday 30 June 2014

Beige? NEVER boring!!

Who says beige is boring?  Not these two little girlies, that's for sure!  I had to fight to take the outfits back after they'd modelled them for me!  They were so nice and cool on the girls as the temperatures soared into the high 30s centigrade!!!

Two mix and match beige blouse and shorts sets with tiny heart shaped buttons on the front, just perfect with any hair colour, although these are destined for two redheads who live in the USA!

Bailey and Millie are modelling for you today!

Both outfits are already SOLD. Thank you for looking! 

Sunday 29 June 2014

Summertime, and the living is easy.......

These are old photos but I thought I'd share them on here as I haven't done so before.  The Monnaemi sisters, by Elfdoll,  are enjoying the swimming pool in the sunshine.  These resin BJD girls are 14cm tall and very skinny, I made their swimwear from narrow ribbon and trimmings!

Saturday 28 June 2014

Lyric tries out being a redhead....

Amongst all the fuss of the new arrival, Lyric wanted to try out a red wig.  She's a little put out that another 60s Gotz Slate Eyes Blond has arrived, so she wants to be different. 

I already had this particular wig, a synthetic mohair Monique Gold Geneva in Carrot Red, and decided to cut it into a short bobbed style for Lyric.  I do like the longer hair but because the Monique Gold wigs are so soft, they do tend to get untidy quickly.  I'm going to leave this wig on her for a while and see what I think because maybe I'll reroot her in a similar shade later on.

A new little Slate Eyed Gotz girl here too!

We came home from the coast yesterday and my new little girlie had been delivered the previous day.   I was anxiously waiting to see her because I'd not asked any questions about her prior to pressing that BIN button on I lived in hope that she'd be in good condition.  Well the Sasha gods must have been looking out for me because she is actually far cuter than I expected!  The seller's listing stated that her hair was dry, but I can honestly say it feels lovely to me!  It is clean, silky and smells really nice too.  I'm really pleased that I don't have to wash it!!!!  It is also thick and although more sparsely rooted on top, it doesn't appear to be falling or breaking off!  I just love her face shape and her little chin!

So here she is, she hasn't got a name yet but we're working on it.... she arrived wearing the flowered dress and dark mauve shoes, I swapped her plain white socks for lilac and white stripes.

And here she is wearing an outfit that I quickly made specially for her, she needs a different colour socks though!!  The blouse, which is still waiting for buttons,  is made from a vintage table mat that was given to me.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

A bit of sewing....or maybe a LOT!

I have been incredibly busy sewing for the last 5 or 6 days as I wanted to catch up with my orders after my 'visitors' break.  Yesterday I finished a small part of my latest commission.  I wanted to wait until the lady had seen them before putting them on here.  Thankfully she is happy with the photos, so I thought I'd add a bit of colour to my blog!  I hope you enjoy!

I wasn't able to have a row of girls modelling together as we didn't have enough appropriate shoes with us, so the girls were photographed individually...sorry for lots of photos!

First up we have Bailey modelling a cerise pink and white set, with polkadots and tiny flowers.  Even her socks have polkadots!!  

Next up is Gabrielle modelling a second pink set, the skirt fabric is covered with tiny deep pink roses.  This set comes with a pale pink tee shirt and pink edged white socks.

Here we have Wren modelling a yellow set, the skirt fabric has tiny little bumble bees printed on it and one has flown off and landed on her hairband ;)    And I finally found some yellow fabric with polkadots for the socks!

The second yellow set, which is really more of a lemon, is being modelling by Gabrielle.  I say 'yellow/lemon' but this has a lot of white too, the tee shirt and the lower frill of the skirt are both snowy white!  Socks are pale lemon to match the skirt.  Gabby really has too much hair for a hairband!!

And now we have the blue sets!  Wren is modelling the first of the two blue sets, it's a bright sunny turquoise blue tee shirt with the same colour reflected in the pattern of the skirt fabric and the dots on the lower frill of the skirt.  Turquoise and white striped socks go with this outfit.

Bailey is modelling the second blue set, this one has a pale baby blue tee shirt and the blue skirt fabric has tiny pink flowers on it.  The socks are pale blue with pink lace tops.

And lastly, something for the boys.  The lady requested a couple of pairs of knit shorts in brown and navy blue.  These are pull on with no pockets.

All outfits are already SOLD. Thank you for looking!